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Difference between a gibson les paul traditional plus and a traditional pro

Updated on January 31, 2013

Traditional plus VS traditional pro

In this lens we are going to discuss the difference between the Gibson traditional plus and the traditional pro. well, at first glance it seems that the difference would be the figured top that the traditional plus have ( Plus stands for a grade AA flamed top) but that's not it.... because there is few traditional pro guitars with a flame top ( they are rare but they are out there, I sold a few myself).

So what are the differences???

Gibson les paul traditional plus
Gibson les paul traditional plus

Difference in specs:

Let's look at the specs! And let's start from what I think is more important, since many players have difference size hands and some are really picky it is very important to mention the neck profile first:


The Gibson les paul traditional plus has the 50's neck profile which more rounded profile and more suited for people with big hands.

The Gibson les paul traditional pro has the 60's slim neck profile, usually suited for people with small hands.

IMPORTANT:Please note that Gibson just introduced a guitar center ( dealer's exclusive) traditional pro with a 50's neck because many people wanted to have a choice between a 60's and a 50's neck)

I personally can play both necks with no problems and I do believe that playing a 50's neck and then switching to a 60's neck and vice versa is comparable to driving an automatic transmission car and then switching to a manual transmission car, it's a matter of time before you get used to it (Slash for example likes the 60's thin neck, Zakk wylde on the other hand likes the 50's round neck)


The Gibson les paul traditional plus have Kluson style tuners while the pro's have the locking Grover tuners, with this spec I give the traditional pro the edge because the Grover locking tuners provide the most accurate Tuning possible.


The traditional plus has a pair of classic 57 Humbuckers, they deliver a nice creamy sound

The traditional pro has a classic 57 in the bridge and a Burstbucker 3 in the neck position (the Burstbucker 3 provides a fatter sound)


This option is only available on the traditional pro, you can actually split the humbuckers into single coils by pulling on the volume knobs, I personally like to have this option on my guitars ( it's like having 2 guitars in 1), I give the edge to the traditional pro on this one too.


The traditional plus has the vintage speed knobs ( for quick adjustment of volume and tone).

The traditional pro has the vintage top hats knobs

This would give the edge to the traditional plus but only for players who constantly adjust tone and volume while playing.

These are the main differences to consider when buying a traditional.

I hope this lense helps folks make wise deicison because a Gibson guitar is a huge investment!

One more thing before I go:Both are weight relieved but they are not chambered!


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Buyer's choice!

If you had to choose between the traditional pro and the traditional plus which one will you choose?

Do you own one of these? if yes where did you buy it and how much did you pay for it?

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