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Digital Picture Frame Review

Updated on April 14, 2014

I love my grandkids, but please give me a Digital Picture Frame instead of another picture to hang!

How many times have you found studio portraits of unnamed children in the attic of a loved one? We all have only so much wall space and by the time the kids are teenagers one tends to run out of wall space!

A wonderful solution for grandparents and other family members is to have a Digital Picture Frame instead! That way you can have hundreds -- dare I even say it, thousands -- of the cutest photos of everyone in one place. Digital Photo Frames are the new version of the "family picture album".

We got a digital frame for Christmas a few years ago. At first we were not quite sure what to do with it or what we thought of it, but we now have only one opinion--we think it is AWESOME. We have learned to download photos from the computer and the iPhone and have fallen in love with this modern do-dad. We have it set on "slide-show" and many times during the day, we glance at it and see an image that makes us smile or go "awww...".

photo credit: Mickie_G--that is me. Do not copy, please.

Sony DPFx1000B Digital Photo Frame

According to's Digital Frame Reviews, "Reviewers say the excellent image quality, elegant design and user-friendly interface justify the price for this 10-inch digital photo frame."

3 Top Rated (and cheapest) Digital Photo Frames: - A portion of every digital photo frame sale goes to charity.

These digital photo frames received top marks from The Kodak Pulse got the choice for the best wireless frame; the Pandigital got the nod for the best budget digital photo frame.

The Aluratek got a nod from

PanDigital PAN7000DW 7-Inch Digital Picture Frame - Black
PanDigital PAN7000DW 7-Inch Digital Picture Frame - Black

This frame gets top reviews for the price and quality on almost every site I have found.


Digital Picture Frames for stocking stuffers: - find them affordable on eBay

Get all kinds of gadgets for your digital picture frame!

Are Printed Portraits of the Kids a thing of the past?

Would you rather have a digital photo frame or a "studio portrait" in a frame to hang above the fireplace?

Resources and Review Sites for Digital Gift Ideas - Digital Photo Frame Information

Here is a list of websites where I did my research for this page about digital picture frames.

My Grand-daughter watching the Show on the Digital Photo Frame

My Grand-daughter watching the Show on the Digital Photo Frame
My Grand-daughter watching the Show on the Digital Photo Frame

Feel free to give your opinion of this new version of the "family picture album". Have you given one as a gift or received one?

Please sign in! Do you have a digital photo frame? - Would one make your holidays happy?

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