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DIY: Better Wp Security Wordpress Plugin.

Updated on September 19, 2014

Stop Blog Hackers In Their Tracks.

Better WP Security is a Wordpress plugin that was built and designed to secure the information on your blogs. People that have bad intentions are all over the internet. They do it for financial gain or to control your information for themselves, or just because they can.

So everyone that has, or is planning on building a website or blog these days, has to have security as one of their top issues that needs to be dealt with. Even more important than design or content.

If you have a great design and great content, and your wordpress blog gets highjacked by one of these people, it will not matter.

You could have an award winning blog, then it gets hacked and for all intensive purposes you no long have that winning blog the hacker does.

The 4 Main Wordpress Plugins, In Building A Better Blog.

Back in the ninties building site was a time consuming process. It took knowledge of code and structure to build a website. But these days since blogging has come to be, and Wordpress is here it is much easier to build and design a winning blog.

With wordpress all that you need to do is good keyword research, buy a domain get hosting load wordpress from your cpanel and your up and going.

But just because you have a blog on the Internet that doesn't mean that you will be successful or that anyone will read your content.

Along came the plugin, a plugin is a program that handles task for the blog owner and frees them up to create good fresh content for their blogs.

Better Wp Security Settings And Seup.


Better Wp Security Dashboard.

I am not going to write here how to load a plugin into wordpress. If you are new to blogging and need help with this, there are many hubs and youtube videos that walk you step by step as to how to load plugins into your dashboard.

But if you have used wordpress a little just go to plugins and type in Better Wp Security and install the plugin and activate it.

Once you activate the plugin you will see a new icon named security with a shield click on it and go to dashboard.

Above is a snapshot of what you will see. First you need ot go to the User tab found onto of the page. And Click the Change User Name and Change User ID.

What this does is if you leave your Username admin then all someone needs to do is find the password and they have complete control of your blog.

Ban Bot Blacklist.


Better Wp Security Ban List Settings.

In the ban tab you will see a page like the picture above. You need to enable the Default Banned List. The click the Add Host and Agent Blacklist button below.

The go to the bottom of the page and click the save settings button.

Better Wp Security Login Settings.


Login Settings For Better Wp Security.

In the Login tab you want to Enable The Login Limits. In Max Login Attempts Per Host set at 2. Then Max Login Attempts By User set at 5.

In Login Time Period (minutes) set it at 2. In Lockout Time Period (minutes) set it at 5.

Enable Blacklist Repeat Offenders. And set Blacklist Threshold at 2 and uncheck the Email Notification unless you want emails all the time.

If you want to receive emails make sure that the email address that you want them sent to is in the box below. Then click the save all settings button and now go to the Tweaks tab.

Tweak Better Wp Security.


Tweaking Better Wp Security 2.


Better Wp Security Tweaks 3.


Better Wp Security Server Tweaks.

In the three pictures above I added all of the sections under the tweaks tab on Better Wp Security. Starting with the first picture Enable the Protect Files box. And click the save changes button.

In the Header Tweak Enable the top 2 boxes, Remove Wordpress Generator Meta Tag and Remove WFW Manifest Header. Now click the save changes button. And move down to the Dashboard Tweaks.

Enable all 3 of the boxes in the Dashboard Tweaks section and click the save changes button.

In Strong Password Tweaks Enable Strong Password Enforcement and click the save changes.

And in Other Tweaks Enable Write To Wordpress Core Files and Reduce Comment Spam. That is all that will be checked in this section click save changes and That's it.

These setting will protect your blog from intruders and those wanting to do harm to your files. If you have any questions on this plugin or others just write a comment here with the question and I will answer it as soon as possible.


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    • jaymills profile image

      jaymills 4 years ago from United States

      Thank you for your comment. I hope that my hub was helpful to you. These days security online weather you are a blogger or static website owner is very important. Being in the business of building and monitoring sites and blogs, I have a chance to pretty much try out as many plugins as I need to. Better Wp Security is one that I use often for my customers to help secure there blogs.

    • profile image

      the web financial gain 4 years ago

      you write about Better Wp Security Server Tweaks it is so interesting thanks for shearing