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How To Donate An Old Computer

Updated on February 4, 2013

Don't Throw Away Your Old Computer

A computer that gets dumped into a landfill is a missed opportunity to help those around us by giving back. Avoid having your perfectly good old computer wind up in the dump by donating it instead. The average family buys a new computer every two years. A moderate size business changes out computers every four years. But the life span of a average computer is seven to eight years old. Where do all these computers go? Some of the computers are sold to second hands computer stores, sold independently or given to someone, but many sit around for years in the closets then get dumped in land fills.

An old computer in your closet could mean a lot to someone else, in some in. Just because a computer is not brand new, it has some where on it or maybe it does not turn on does not mean it is useless and should be thrown out. There are many charities clubs and organizations that take donated computers and give them to people or groups that need the computers. If a computer is not worth fixing it should be recycled for parts or material instead of thrown into a landfill.

List Of Places You Can Donate Your Computer At

The following is a list of non profit groups and organization that are dedicated to keeping old computers out of the dump and finding a new use for them. While each group has a different history and supports different causes they all help with depleting the number of electronics to reach the landfill each year.

Charity For Donated Computers
Charity For Donated Computers

What Happens To Donated Computers?

A donated computer may go to low income students so they can do their homework at home. Or a computer may go to a disabled mom so she can work at home while her kids are at school. Or a group of donated computers could go to a school that is in need of computers but does not have the money to get the computers they need.

Donated computers that go to charities that just request second hand goods may not have the same turn out. Many times these computers are sold to raise funds. But at least the computer will not be going into a dump to clutter the landfills.

Recycle Or Donate Old Computers
Recycle Or Donate Old Computers

Donate Or Recycle:

When Should You Recycle A Computer Instead Of Donate It?

Its true not every old computer will be desirable to charities that are looking for used computers to help out their cause. If your computer is less then five years old and can turn on their is a good chance it will be accepted to most programs. If your computer can not turn on and is younger then three years old you may be able to donate it for parts depending on the programs guidelines.

If your computer is older or you are unsure of its conditions consider but are it is not junk, consider donating it to charities that have second hand stores. Many charities like Salvation Army take in good computers to sell to raise money.

If your computer does not work and/or is older then five years old its best bet is to be recycled. Call your local recycling center to find out how to recycle your computers. Some centers accept the donations regularly while others only allow community members to bring in electronics through a annual event.

Make Your Computer Last Longer - Upgrading and Fixing Computers Do-it-Yourself For Dummies

One way to avoid filling landfills with old computers is upgrading your current computer or fixing it from its problems.


Before donating or recycling your old computer clean the hard drive from your computer to get rid of any personal information that might be on your computer. To learn how go here.

What Do You Think The Solution Is To Keep Computers And Other Types Of Electronics From Taking Over The Landfills?

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