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eGear LED Ear Light for Portable Task Lighting

Updated on August 28, 2011


The eGear LED Ear Light could make working on your computer or reading a book much easier. Just because you have a need to see in the dark does not mean that everyone else around you has the same need. Maybe you are at home and a movie is on the TV. You still want to be with the family but you have some computer work to catch up on. The time spent on an airplane is precious time that could be wasted. Instead of irritating other passengers with that little spot light from above the eGear LED Ear Light will be much more incognito. When a leak is discovered under the sink there is not always an extra hand to hold a flashlight. Again, a light that fits over the ear may be just the extra hand you need.

Why Would You Want an eGear LED Ear Light?

The eGear LED Ear Light weighs so little that having it on your ear does not distract you from your mission. It fits snugly so even when you bend down or over it is not going to fall off your ear. The light produced by the LED bulb is bright.  The work area is illuminated and the light stream can also be somewhat redirected by pivoting the light to the area that it is needed.

What You Need to Know about the eGear LED Ear Light

The eGear LED Ear Light weighs almost nothing at all. Even with both of the CR2016 lithium cell batteries (looks like a coin) there will only be 1 ounce hanging on your ear. If you need to use it in public it looks much like a Bluetooth headset – it measures a mere 2 inches by 2 inches by 1.5 inches.

The cost of operating the eGear LED Ear Light is low. The LED bulb never needs to be replaced and there is no worry that it may break. Each set of batteries are good for approximately 16 hours of illumination. The cost of the unit itself is typically under fifteen dollars.

As with any product there are downsides. The eGear LED Ear Light is to be worn on the right ear. It does not adjust for the left ear. The light produced is adequate for task lighting within a couple of feet so do not expect it to light a path for walking the dog or exercising. However, it may be enough light to make you visible to others.

My Personal Opinion of the eGear LED Ear Light

My husband likes to watch movies at home on the television. I on the other hand prefer to write and do research on my laptop. I would use this light to bridge the gap between us. The room could be dark but I could still get my work done.

The same goes for traveling after dark. I need to make use of time that is available to me. I could see myself using this item for multiple purposes.

The eGear LED Ear Light is small and compact. It would fit easily among other necessities that I keep close.


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