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What is Feasibility Study

Updated on November 11, 2010

Conducting a feasibility study

The contents of feasibility study should include

1. Project Name - Should be relevant to what you are going to achieve

2.Description of of the problem to be solved

3. It should have a statement of critical assumption on which the feasibility document is based upon

4. Should have statement of the performance requirement of the system

5. General description of the proposed system solution

6. Evaluation of the feasibility of the proposed system

Second phase : Information requirement determination

1. You need to understand the business process

  • good thinker
  • good decision maker

Below are some of Question as an analyst you should ask about the business process

  • What is the purpose of the business activity
  • What step are performed
  • What triggers activities
  • Where are the activities performs
  • Who performs the activies take and factors governing the amount of timetaken
  • What delays occur and why?
  • What specific objective of management are to be satisfied
  • How long does each activity take and fact

2. Identify data used and information produced

  • What data is used to perform each business activity
  • In what format is the data received
  • What data item are stored in the system
  • What information is produce, who uses it and for what purpose
  • What is not use and why
  • What data is often missing
  • What data is used on an adhoc basis
  • What reference tables, charts e.t.c are used
  • How are data activities coded or abreviated

3. Determine the process timing and volume

  • The frequency of each activity performs
  • The volume of items handles by each activities
  • The cycle followed by the activities

4. Identifies controls - Questions

  • What are the specific performance and control method
  • Who compares performance against standard
  • Method for detecting under performance
  • Error occurance
  • Methods of avoiding the errors and why they occur

5. General Issues - Questions

  • Who are the key stake holder in the system
  • Why are they the key
  • Obstacle affecting the system

NB:Check out on the next step of feasibility study title: Information gathering techniques


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    • hafeezrm profile image

      hafeezrm 8 years ago from Pakistan

      An exhaustive check list for conducting a feasibility study. How come you know so much but cannot buy a shirt? Oh, just kidding