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★ FLASH MOB Videos, Dances & Ideas | UK and Worldwide! ★

Updated on January 23, 2015

The Best Flashmobbing Events From Around The World

Flashmobs are organized groups of people who gather, seemingly spontaneously, in a public place and perform an out-of-place action before dispersing as if nothing unusual has occurred.

Not only are flash mobs great fun, they can also be used to draw attention to charities and causes, used to advertise a business or used to pay tribute to someone special.

Below you will find links to websites where you can find out what flash mobs are happening in your local area, plus loads of videos showing my favourite flash mob ideas ever - including romantic wedding flash mobs, mass Michael Jackson dancing, fun theatrical shows and much more!

I hope you find this page inspiring :-)

Boogie Woogie Dancing

A highly co-ordinated dance in Grand Central Station, New York, which was actually an advertisement campaign for clothes.
A highly co-ordinated dance in Grand Central Station, New York, which was actually an advertisement campaign for clothes. | Source

T-Mobile Adverts & Other Commercials

All About Flash Mobs

Flash mobs are events or actions which take place in public and consist of a group of people doing the same thing at the same time. Flash mobs are pre-organized in secret so that they look spontaneous to onlookers. They bring a sense of theatre and fun to life - creating a surreal moment in the midst of regular everyday life.

If you would like to create your own flash mob, first look at what skills you have (can you sing or dance?), your network of friends and family who could help you and join in, and the locations you have available to you. You can start with a very small event of just close friends (one of my favourite ideas was a posh dinner party on the London underground) and then progress to bigger events with more and more people involved.

The different types of flash mob are dressing-up events (such as the no-pants subway ride, or everyone dressing up as Where's Wally etc), freeze events (where people 'freeze' their position at the same time, for a certain length of time), an action event (such as a pillow fight, a pretend Star Wars light saber fight or a mass mime) or an entertainment show (dance or singing act).

The concept of your flash mob is another thing to be decided - sometimes they are used to promote a company or business (such as a dance flash mob to promote a dance class), sometimes they are used to draw attention to a cause or charity, sometimes they are to pay tribute to people/your idol (e.g. Michael Jackson) or TV shows (e.g. Glee) or favourite movies (Harry Potter, Star Wars), sometimes they are a romantic gesture (e.g. a marriage proposal or at a wedding), sometimes they are to mark an event (such as the last day of school, or graduation), and sometimes they are just for pure fun and entertainment!

You have to be sure you have planned everything out in detail well in advance so that everyone knows what they are doing and when they have to be doing it - I doubt there can be many things more embarrassing than a flash mob going wrong in public, especially if you're the one who got the wrong time!

I absolutely love flash mobs because they're such a fantastic creative expression, they produce a fun memory for all those involved, and for just those few moments, all those people are all smiling together about the same thing. Awesome!

World's Biggest Flashmob, Plus Fun on the Beach and in a Prison!

Santacon Flash Mob


Best Flash Mob Websites Plus More Videos

Some of these websites tell you when and where flashmobs are happening so you can join in - but also try searching for 'flash mob'/'flashmob' on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.

Flash Mob Videos Galore

Single Ladies dance, world's biggest flash mob and even a silly walk event!

Face-Down Flash Mob


Dinner Party, Christmas, Glee, Harry Potter Flashmobs & More

More of the Best Ideas - ...From St Patrick's Day to Domino Day!

Wedding Flashmobs

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