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    American_Choicesposted 3 years ago

    While I reside in the US and am very patriotic, I realize the world is now global and what happens in the EU is of interest to me especially when it affects one of my favorite past times - Google. I use Google for fun and for business. As a marketing manager, I would not be in this field without Google Analytics.

    The BBC announced today that Google is under review for unfair competition practices:

    I appreciate the close review but feel Google has provided such low barriers to entry, forever changed the user experience and now is promoting brick and mortar and even has grants for non-profits, that I feel reviewing Google at this stage is unfair.

    Also, I feel Google has provided a new global sense of transparency that the world needs. We need connectivity across the oceans, we need low barriers to self-employment, we need to promote efficient commerce.

    Government review of Google Shopping, I feel is premature especially given there are greater concerns in the world today such as food. I have been greatly saddened by the state of food, the lack of competition in that area, the lack of transparency of what is in our food and labeling that works. I know Europe has led the charge on food and I commend them for that initiative.

    I listened briefly to Ms. Vestager and she seems to have a balanced view on this topic and I admire her greatly, however, I must question why this probe at this time:  1.) it is simply too early in the marketplace 2.) other areas in the marketplace offer greater health concern such as the food industry and 3.) the winner in search engine world is who delivers the best service to the customer which clearly is what Google has the ability to do.

    So when, not if, Google delivers a better self-driving car are we going to question Google's market lead?

    What is your view?

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      LillyGrillzitposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      I think you should write an article about this and submit it to the LA Times, or NY Times, so that informed readers will get this information. I agree with your assessment, and think that it is spot on.

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      GA Andersonposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Years ago, I would have just shook my head and muttered, "Only in European." Now I am concerned it could happen here too.

      The issue is easily understood at its most basic level...  A company built a better mouse trap, so now the losers use the power of government penalize the winner.

      Everything else is just rationalization to bolster a position.

      Would it still be an issue if Google placed a disclaimer prominently under its search bar? Maybe something like this;