Phishing will continue to plague cybersecurity efforts in 2018

  1. Shogun profile image47
    Shogunposted 12 days ago

    This is an understatement: 2017 was a rough year for cybersecurity. Of note, there is a successful tactic that is effective and will remain a major threat: Phishing. It has cybersecurity experts worried:

    “2018 will undoubtebly see a big increase in cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure worldwide, with phishing continuing to be a key point of entry. Therefore, end-user training on how to recognize these risks is a considerable factor in the fight against cybercrime,” according to Wombat Security, in a release last month.

    Unfortunately, Wombat Security predicted phishing will “persist as the most common vector for cyber-attacks.”

    Ironically, phishing attacks may dip in overall volume, but that's because criminals are adapting their style and honing in on particular targets, using spear phishing attacks to victimize people even further.

    Simply opening up the checkbook and spending more on cybersecurity, new staff hiring, and automation services isn't fruitful without specific research and coordination. To improve cybersecurity, skills must be continously improved, next-generation solutions are deployed, and employees are taught how to spot phishing attacks.

    Even with improved training, it still seems extremely likely that 2018 could evolve into a nightmare for users and infosec professionals.

    Buckle up, folks...