CES 2018 - Some Tech Trends to Expect to See

  1. Shogun profile image46
    Shogunposted 6 weeks ago

    I was browsing the forums and accidentally thread bumped a two-year-old post regarding CES, and figured I should post an update.

    We're just days away from one of the largest consumer electronics shows, CES 2018, and there always is an avalanche of product announcements and tech launches during the event.

    In addition, tech fans have a lot of fun things to drool over... and here are some things to “expect from the year's biggest tech show,” https://www.theverge.com/2018/1/3/16842 …  The Verge. Specifically, here are the high level points they expect to see:

    VR will fade into the background, and AR will rise to the forefront
    Electric car concepts galore
    Tvs will adopt more HDR video formats
    Wearables get serious about health
    Google Assistant attempts to take on Alexa
    PC gaming will be more important than ever before
    Beauty gadgets find their niche

    What do you hope to see?