Why YouTube's Growth a Headache for IT Admins?

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    santana162posted 7 years ago

    Why YouTube's Growth a Headache for IT Admins?

    Why YouTube's Growth a Headache for IT Admins? IT companies are scared that they will not able to make IT professionals to work for 9 hours or more?

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    tomcruise23posted 7 years ago

    Finally after years of wait there is a Web Browser from India which is actually powered with Mozilla Firefox Backend and promises better features than the other available browsers available on the web. Internet Security is the most important aspect for anyone while accessing the web and if a browser would scan everything accessed and browsed then you can feel completely secured. In this case the Epic Browser comes with Pre-installed Antivirus software to keep you secure from the Internet based attacks. It is developed by ‘Hidden Reflex’ which is a company currently running two major projects ie the ‘Epic Browser’ & ‘NewsDrink’. The best part of this browser is that it offers a complete Indian experience because of the wallpapers, themes, icons and direct shortcuts to Major Indian websites.

    You can download a copy of this software from the official website and proceed towards the installation procedure which is quite similar to any other software installation. Once you have completed this you will be asked if you would like to import the bookmarks from other browser, in our case since we use Mozilla Firefox regular we selected the same and all the bookmarks were imported. Read the following points which can help you in understanding this application in a better way.

    What is Most Visited Websites Box?
    Similar to the feature which all the major browsers offer, Epic also displays you with the list of the Top 10 websites which you have visited based on the visit counts. You can Click on the + button on the top right of this box and add any of your favorite website under this list which is shown by default along with a Google Custom Search Box whenever you open a new Tab or run the browser.

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    internett1t3posted 7 years ago

    Perhaps it is because to the millions of visitors visit the site every now and then and the millions of videos uploaded to the site that are need to be screened.