after deleting music files I have no increased room

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    dprydeposted 7 years ago

    after deleting music files I have no increased room

    I remove music files from ipod classic but have no increased room to put in new music

  2. DocSmith profile image59
    DocSmithposted 7 years ago

    Probably resetting your iPod to factory settings should resolve your issue.   To do that press and hold the center button while simultaneously pressing up the Menu button.  This should essentially restore factory settings.  Remember to take a backup of your music and pictures before you restore the settings.  Looking up Apple's tech support section on their website might also help.

  3. criticalthinkerKS profile image60
    criticalthinkerKSposted 5 years ago

    Well, songs or "music files" aren't worth alot of memory so you will either need to delete a good portion of your music or delete something more substantial such as: Music videos, Movies, Games, etc.