Apps cannot access GPS receiver on Sprint LG Rumor Touch

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    opcposted 7 years ago

    Apps cannot access GPS receiver on Sprint LG Rumor Touch

    Great site. Having trouble with GPS Apps such as Google Maps, GPSed and Instamapper. These apps are unable to access the GPS receiver. The pre-loaded Sprint Nav-lite works fine. Can't find a way to enable access to GPS for 3rd party apps. If there's a setting, I missed it. Tnx!

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    bigsupersquidposted 7 years ago

    I really hope I'm wrong about this, but...
    back when I had sprint, all handsets with gps were locked out of 3rd party access to it.
    Developers were asked to get a Verisgn cert (about $200 at the time) to make 'signed' apps for access to the GPS, and it turned out that even once signed, 3rd party apps were unable to access the chip.  Only sprint-sold apps could do it. Then sprint removed the gps API's from their developer kit, which made the signing requirement useless... 
    I suggest trying to find a 'signed' version of any app you want to test. Gmaps straight from might possibly download and work; on my virgin mobile rumor touch only Virgin, Google, and Opera apps will download through the browsers without dodging around the network blocks.