How Do I Uninstall Programs From My Computer Like AOL?

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    noahi61posted 6 years ago

    How Do I Uninstall Programs From My Computer Like AOL?

    My computer has AOL on it and I have a CD as well. I delete most of the add ons from AOL,

    but the main AOL will not uninstall. Do I need to use the CD to install it and then

    uninstall??? Is there any program that deletes/uninstalls programs on your computer?

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    jasondkposted 6 years ago

    If you go to start menu >> control panel>>add and remove programs… it will give u a list of programs you want to uninstall..
    Or a better and easier way for you to completely uninstall any unwanted application that standard Windows Add/Remove Program can’t remove.Using a application uninstaller is not a bad way.Here is a useful link for you.
    hope this helps big_smile

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    aelmich37posted 6 years ago

    Hello noahi,
    Generally speaking, users can uninstall AOL by going to Control Panel - Add/ Remove Programs. After uninstalling it from Control Panel, do go to check whether it's completely removed or not. AOL has some specific files in the folder C:\Program Files\. If you find them, that means you haven't conducted a clean AOL removal yet.
    In fact, what you need is a programe uninstaller.So here I recommend you get rid of your program with a professional and trusted AOL uninstaller named Best Uninstall Tool.Scan the site what I once used.
    Hope this help.