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Highpoint RocketRaid 1640 cant load drivers

  1. profile image45
    madelyn777posted 6 years ago

    Highpoint RocketRaid 1640 cant load drivers

    I have been trying a Highpoint RocketRaid 1640 Raid controller on seagate SATA drive. I downloaded and unzipped to a floppy the latest drivers for this SATA Raid card from Highpoint's site bu keep getting an error message like "TXTSETUP.OEM caused error at line 1809". Then XP refuses to install because it says it cannot detect the new SATA drives.

    Any ideas of a work around or am I missing somethig here?

  2. profile image47
    bigbang_11037posted 6 years ago

    The TXTSETUP.OEM mechanism simply does not work for CD-ROM XP installations. That error message refers to "line 1742 of....\oemdisk.c", which is a file in the source code to Windows.
    You can switch to doing a network-based install. Try to download the latest driver for the SATA Raid card again and install it online in order to get TXTSETUP.OEM working. Or you can forget about using TXTSETUP.OEM and just find out the .SIF files on the installation media. … 202.0.html