In what way should I do?

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    aelmich37posted 6 years ago

    In what way should I do?

    When I try to Google RSS News 1 a few days ago. However, the direct uninstall of the directory usually fails as the Google RSS News 1 is leaving multiple entries in computer registry.In what way should I do?

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    jasondkposted 6 years ago

    Generally speaking, you can uninstall Google RSS News 1 by going to Control Panel - Add/ Remove Programs. After uninstalling it from Control Panel, do go to check whether it's completely removed or not. Google RSS News 1 has some specific files in the folder C:\Program Files\. If you find them, that means you haven't conducted a clean Google RSS News 1 removal yet. Then you can also try it with a uninstall tool.Go to the site from

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    noahi61posted 6 years ago

    Try using the program Uninstaller: … s%201.html
    Use the ‘Advanced’ option to totally get rid of all traces of Google RSS News 1.
    I hope you have a very good replacement for Google RSS News 1.