Question about Google Panda concerning your article

  1. Ben McCoy profile image52
    Ben McCoyposted 6 years ago

    Question about Google Panda concerning your article

    Hi GreekGeek - I work for a very reputable national company, and we religiously only write and post our own content on our websites. We engage in all ethical web practices and go to great lengths to ensure this. We have locations in different cities across the US, and are creating mini-sites for each city; if our boilerplate text is the same for each site, just substituting the city name for each, would this incur a Panda penalty? If the site for Chicago is basically the same except for mentions of Chicago vs. the site for Miami - will this hurt us? Does every piece of text have to be unique?

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    MMAgearmasterposted 6 years ago

    This would be my favorite question to answer tongue lets go through the details. I think your question is truly concerned with SEO. and you know google dont like duplicate content. Now what will happen if you will add same content to other websites as well they will be considered as duplicates and would never be able to rank well. As far as panda is concerned, What i have found so far, is its all about your content uniqueness and user experience. User experience is like the stay duration of visitors on your site and social sharing (Facebook, tweeter, google +1) etc and in coming days social activities would become more important for SEO. So along with unique content try to focus on these things as well.