In which side contents are writing in CD, DVD, & Blue Ray?

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    anusujithposted 5 years ago

    In which side contents are writing in CD, DVD, & Blue Ray?

    In CD's and DVD's there are two sides. When we are spoiling it the wrappers are removing from the naming side (means the side which we are writing the name of CD, Shown in image), and a plane plastic remains. My question is where we are writing the data? On the wrapper ya plastic.

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    Jacksmack316posted 5 years ago

    Between the label and the plastic disc is a like membrane I believe it is and the disc image gets burned into that. The hard plastic isn't affected it's there to give a solid medium to the micro thin membrane that the data is written on. Then the label is a second barrier to protect the membrane from scratches and it gave the added benefit of a handy place to keep track of what's on it. If the plastic disc was burned it would be a one shot deal and you would probably feel the marks.

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    Takeittopiecesposted 5 years ago

    Neither actually, the foil simply acts as a reflector and the plastic a substrate sandwiching the writing medium.  The method or chemical used for this writing differs by the type of disc being written, CD and DVD-R/+R use a blue or purplish die that when heated becomes disturbed in a fashion that emulates a pit or land on a pressed disc, CD or DVD-RW/+RW use a crystallized solution that liquefies when heated by the laser in the rom head, the phase of cooling and heating governs the lands and valleys in the end result.