How to use Google Plus - how to undo?

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    American_Choicesposted 5 years ago

    How to use Google Plus - how to undo?

    I hit plus thinking it would allow me to confirm for a certain web page - now I don't know how to undo that action.


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    marked4destinyposted 5 years ago

    Log in to your Google account or log in to your gmail.
    If you log in through gmail at the upper right hand corner click your name/image then select account.

    If you want to just undo a Google plus, under account select edit profile. In your profile click +1s from here you can delete your +1s.

    If you want to disable or get rid of plus follow these steps: On the left hand side, select Google + and click edit. Next, select disable or scroll to the bottom and delete your google plus account.