How can you market your website?

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    flashmakeitposted 5 years ago

    How can you market your website?

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    petertebinposted 5 years ago

    Honestly it depends on the person but you can use sites like, technorati and social networking. I don't have a lot of experience but I know with my hubs I use a few different ways to promote my hubs. I upload the links to Redgage,, and other submission sites. I also use facebook, twitter and no so much pinterest but you can if you have an account and write about items that will be popular to others on the site.

    You can also link to the website from forums, sites that you answer questions such as yahoo answer and web answer.

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    easyprposted 5 years ago


    You want to market your website, so your need is to promote your website or services in online market. To market your website you have to use internet marketing method ( SEO). SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)  is a method by which you ranked your website in major search engine. In SEO their is two types of techniques.

    1) SEO On Page
    2) SEO Off Page

    In SEO On page - SEO Optimizer sort the basic issues of your website, optimize your website for search engine for better ranking & promotion. The main method of SEO On Page is -:

    1) Meta Tag Optimization
    2) Heading Optimization
    3) Image Optimization
    4) Content Optimization
    5) Navigation optimization

    Above are some On Page Techniques.

    SEO Off Page - SEO Off Page Optimizer promote your website services in online market  by doing some off page techniques likes
    1) Directory Submission
    2) Article & PR Submission
    3) Social Bookmarking
    4) Blog Creation & Promotion
    5) Guest Post
    6) Social Media Marketing

    Above are the techniques which increase your website visibility in online market as well as traffic of your website, which helps us to gain ranking in search engine.

    Above all are best way to market your website. If you need further help & suggestion reply us.