What Are Some Ways To Get More Views On YouTube?

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    PhoenixVposted 4 years ago

    What Are Some Ways To Get More Views On YouTube?

    What Are Some Ways To Get More Views On YouTube?

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    bestweddingspeechposted 4 years ago

    Hm... there are many ways, some of them good, some of them not so good.

    You can always buy views and stuff like that, but I don't recommend. They can ban your account if it's too suspicious.

    The safest way is to get the views naturally, share the video with friends, ask them to pass it on to their friends on messenger on skype, embed you video on a blog or other sites where you can embed it (youtube will count all the views, both the ones on youtube and the ones embedded on other sites).

    Try to rank it in search engines for the main keyword, usually they rank pretty easy, you just put some links to them and embed them on some blogs and they should rank on the first page in a few weeks.

    Also, make sure you video is interesting and goes viral, that's the best way to get views. A cool video that everybody wants to talk about it, it shares it with the friends, gets featured in news sites, etc... But that's a little harder

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    jaymillsposted 4 years ago

    Getting views with video's is the same as getting traffic to your blog or hubpage.

    The only difference is seeing google owns youtube you get quicker ranking with a video than you would with a text post.

    You need to use your keywords in your video i.e make your video relevant to your subject.

    Make your video interesting and keep them under 5 minutes youtubers have short attention spans.

    Use your keyword or words in your title toward the beginning of the title.

    Use your main keyword in your description in the first sentence. And use your LSI words throughout your description. And use your main keyword again in the last sentence of your description.

    Make your description longer than just a few words write a short 200 to 250 word one instead.

    And do good keyword research and add all of them to your tags for your video's.

    Then ping your video and do your usual marketing and backlinking to only very high PR sites like article sites. Take all of your video's and make an RSS of them and do the same.

    Go to all of the social networks like twitter and facebook and others and talk about your video add your feed link.

    You need many different types of links dripping back to your video. Hope this helped. This is just a quick over view and should increase your traffic a little slowly and naturally just the way google likes it.