Why java is so popular??

  1. Mannchauhan profile image55
    Mannchauhanposted 5 years ago

    Why java is so popular??

    i want to learn completely


  2. dgilmore76 profile image62
    dgilmore76posted 4 years ago

    Java is popular because it's a "write once run anywhere" language. You can write a Java program for Windows for example, that will also run on Mac OS, Linux, and any other system that supports Java without having to make ANY modifications to the code.
    For a language like C or C++, the code would have to be ported to the other system types before it would compile and run.
    Apps for iPhones/Androids/Blackberries also are written largely in Java.
    It's a fairly easy language to learn and will run on almost any platform.

  3. MysticPrince profile image77
    MysticPrinceposted 4 years ago

    Why's Java popular? Because its easy to use and nearly cross platform (You mustn't expect to run a Java App for Desktop on your Java supported Cellphone, without some changes, or quite many). Java is free, so development costs are just for the Human resource, not the software.
    Java is a hassle free, and a high level language, so easier to learn. You don't have to manage memory, you can focus just on the purpose of the Application. Java program is secure (in the sense, that it is less error prone and thus harder to break). Java is like 'all under one roof'. With standard C/C++, there are no inbuilt Graphics/GUI/Sound/Networking provisions, everything comes separately, as libraries.