Sam's Club SEO Company!!!!!!

  1. blerim profile image52
    blerimposted 10 years ago

    Apparently Sam's Club has now developed a partnership with a search engine optimization company called Innuity and will be offering SEO services mainly to local small business.I think its funny the way they offer their seo services because for $25 a month Sam's Club members (and $39.95 a month for non-members), you can sign up for the SEO service from their partner company Innuity.

    I think this is not about Sams club SEO services but it is just a way to get more traffic to sams club website and as a result to their store. They are trying to catch up with the online presence.

    What does everyone think about Sams club offering SEO services ?

  2. madmike27 profile image48
    madmike27posted 10 years ago

    sounds pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

    when are they going to start web site design, copywriting, and traffic regeneration?

  3. kappa022 profile image53
    kappa022posted 10 years ago

    I think if Sams Club goes this route and has some success, many others will follow suit.