How to get data back from the dead Hard drive ?

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    skagraposted 3 years ago

    How to get data back from the dead Hard drive ?

    my hard disk suddenly stopped working and not even detect by the system

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    Jamesm1968posted 3 years ago

    When a harddrive fails completely and won't even spin-up when connected to a powered-up PC, it is usually beyond recovery.
    However, if you are feeling brave you could try obtaining an identical drive and swapping the platter over. However, be warned. You will need a very dust-free environment to work in (know of anyone with a cleanroom you could use?). and even then the chances of success are probably less than 40%.

    A lot of harddrives fail because the read/write heads make contact with the surface of the platter and the impact causes fragments of metal to fly around damaging other parts of the platter surface.
    When you consider that the outer edge of a 7,200 rpm drive is spinning at approx. 70 mph then it is easy to understand how the damage can be so catastrophic.