Drilling noise threw electronics

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    Douglasmazzposted 3 months ago

    Drilling noise threw electronics

    And someone  is controlling it  when I go to bed   and turn every thing off still there

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    ptosisposted 3 months ago

    Simply put, EMFs come from electricity:

    In your home – DECT cordless phones, hairdryers, vacuums, refrigerators, microwave ovens, irons, televisions (the flat panel TVs are much better than the old box-style TVs), main ring and lighting circuits, dimmer switches, electric blankets, electric razors, electric toothbrushes, WiFi, etc.
    In your office – computers, fluorescent or halogen lighting, fax machines, photocopiers, scanners, cell phones and WiFi.
    Outside – power lines (high voltage cables either overhead or buried in the ground), transformers (the gray cylinders raised up on poles that look like trash cans), electrical substations, cell phone towers, cities that provide citywide wireless Internet (WiFi) and electromagnetic radiation from near neighbors’ electronic equipment.