Why is net neutrality such a big deal?

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    ptosisposted 4 months ago

    Why is net neutrality such a big deal?

    Today the FCC is ending net neutrality, removing all rules such as no blocking, no throttling, and no paid fast lanes. Proposed new rules merely require that ISPs inform you if they’re messing with your traffic. Countries in blue had protections - now remove the color blue from the United States.   


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    tsmogposted 4 months ago

    As I understand it the problem is the potential of what can be done. In essence access to the internet will be controlled by provider. It is no longer free to the end user.

    What it means to me is my service provider may menu my access to the internet. I have a cable service, so it is my TV service too. In other words, for me to have access to all of the internet I would have to pay a premium price. The next step down may not allow access to retail sites like Amazon and Ebay. Or, have access to Facebook with the basic price. I would have to have the next step up in menu choice. Or, if those retail sites want to be available with the basic service they have to pay a premium fee to the provider. Since they are a cable company they may deny access to Net Flix and etc for streaming movies. Or, again, Net Flix has to pay a premium fee to the provider who then makes it a premium selection in the menu of access sites.

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      ptosisposted 4 months agoin reply to this

      Thanks for explaining. That really makes me angry that they are going for even more money when I overpay what I got already. Here's a link about what you said. Thank you. https://vpnreviewz.com/netflix-slow-lan … void-them/