Chinese Internet Usage Report - Jan 2010 - Summary and Insights

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    Sam-njposted 8 years ago

    The January 2010 “Statistical Survey Report on Internet Development in China” was recently published. The report itself is 90 pages long, but here's what I think you might find most interesting...

        * Now 384 million Chinese internet users.
        * Big jump in usage of social networking sites.
        * Huge increase in the number of internet users that access the internet via mobile devices.
        * Value of online shopping transactions doubles!

    User Numbers
    Another Year, Another 80-Something Million Internet Users

    The number of Chinese internet users has now reached 384 million. Even though that’s 86 million more than there was last year at this time (see the full translated 2009 CNNIC report on Internet usage in China), that’s only 29% of the total Chinese population so we can expect this rapid growth in internet usage to continue. CNNIC considers an internet user to be anyone on the Chinese mainland over 6 years old that has used the internet at least once in the past 6 months.

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    Sam-njposted 8 years ago