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    MrRichardposted 7 years ago

    Hi, I've downloaded and installed Ubuntu 10.04 and it's amazing. I have a WUA-2340 WiFi card that's known not to work all the time with ndiswrapper. I was wondering if I could use the Live CD to go to  System --> Administration --> Hardware Drivers to see if Ubuntu even dectects it. Is that possible?

    P.S. Would I be able to use a tutorial designed for the WUA-2340 on  Ubuntu 10.04, while the tutorial was designed for Hardy Henron? Here's the post:

    1) Download debs and drivers. (Just like in XP - software downloads)
    2) Copy to Ubuntu machine. Place on desktop as its easy to find.
    3) Double click debs to install.
    4) Right click on zip and go to extract (you should now have either a) a folder or b) a bunch of files plastered across the desktop. Leave them for now we can tidy that up later....
    5) Open terminal Accessories --> terminal (just copy and paste the bits after the dash and space and paste into the terminal (use mouse right click copy and paste)
    6) Type the following into the terminal - sudo depmod -a
    7) Type the following into the terminal - sudo modprobe ndiswrapper
    Type the following into the terminal - sudo ndiswrapper -m
    9) Type the following into the terminal - sudo lsmod | grep ndiswrapper
    10) The result of the above makes sure that the program is working. The output should have a couple of lines with ndiswrapper in it.

    11) Install drivers. This is done by the following.
    12) Type the following into the terminal - cd ~/Desktop
    13) Note the name of the extracted folder from step 4
    14) Type the following into the terminal - cd
    15) cd Drivers
    16) cd WinXP_2K
    17) sudo ndiswrapper -i netA5AGU.inf
    1 Driver is now installed
    19) Test using sudo ndiswrapper -l - should list your driver
    20) Reboot

    If you have further problems just shout. (Look at the pages linked to)

    XP / Vista have their own share of problems. Wireless and printing are Linux's problem"

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    lxxyposted 7 years ago

    Hey there! You have a D-Link, then? Utilizing NDIS-Wrapper should be fairly easy, I used to use some GUI app you should be able to find in the synaptic package manager.

    If I recall correctly, though, that D-Link may be some weird railink or other small asian manufacturer's chipset, and many of those work out of the box with the latest kernel.

    If you try to boot into a live session and find yourself not having wireless access, it's a sure bet that the driver isn't included. That tutorial below looks pretty spot on, from a command line perspective. Shouldn't be much difference, the file system hasn't changed significantly for Linux in years.