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How to face the Monster of Job Firing – Pink Slip

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    yogindernathposted 9 years ago

    First of all let us find out as to what is a Pink Slip?

    According to Wikipedia, Pink Slip is an American term referring to being fired from one's job & the person being fired is said to be Pink Slipped.

    What are the possible reasons of one getting fired from a job – or getting a Pink Slip?
    There are just three reasons or circumstances of one getting fired from a company, which are described below.

    Situation No. 1: Lack of competence in the employee: Every individual is fully aware of his own strengths & weaknesses more than anyone else. A poor performer with lack of professional competence in his designated areas of operation will not have many regrets in getting a Pink Slip.

    Situation No. 2: Operation against company objectives: No company will ever tolerate an employee functioning against its corporate objectives. This may include espionage, indulgence in corrupt practices, leaking of company secrets / confidential data and in-discipline etc. Such an employee knows very well of getting a pink slip immediately on getting exposed and thus have no reasons to regret in getting a Pink Slip.

    Situation No. 3: Company is sinking financially: If the company is sinking, may be due to any reason & is unable to foot the bill of the employees. In such events the companies try every means to cut down the expenses by curtailing its manpower, cutting down the company overheads & many other expenses, without having major impact on its operations.

    If someone can suggest a reason other than the three described above, please share with me for inclusion in this article.

    Why the monster of Job Firing is born all of a sudden?

    Due to continuous decline of economy all across the globe, there is hardly anyone, whether an individual or corporate, that are passing through nervous moments for last couple of months. Thus the present situation is more appropriate with situation No. 3 described above

    Financial sector is shaken badly due to steep fall in disposable income and liquidity crunch, stock markets are tumbling, sales all over are declining causing great uncertainty everywhere. Every company, whether big or small, is unable to bear the financial crunch & planning to cut down the costs by downsizing the manpower to the barest minimum. Consumers are also not left behind in this race and are cutting down expenses on essential commodities even the food products. Manufacturing companies are also cutting down their expenses in every corner.

    Who are the people most affected by the present Global Crisis?

    Serving class of people is the worst affected and is forced to live in an environment brimming with fear of losing the job. Even the supposedly safer High -Technology areas like IT sector, which had been on its blasting boom till a couple of years ago, is now passing through rough weathers & great turbulence. No one is certain as to when such situation will come to an end.

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    JYOTI KOTHARIposted 9 years ago

    You are right. Reason no. 3 is the most obvious in present days.I can not agree with that the service class is the most effected. Those who are in the service and do not lost their job are the happiest. However, those who lost jobs are in tremendous problem. Business class is effected most because they are living in uncertainity.

    There may be a fourth reason of getting a pink slip. May be one is not working against company policy but have a problem with immidiate boss. It is quite possible that your boss gives you a pink slip out of cynic.

        Jyoti Kothari

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      yogindernathposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Jyoti,

      Business class although being uncertain of future at the moment, usually accumulate so much money in their banks, so as to live a normal life for a pretty long time. By the people who work for them get the actual dent from a sudden pink slip.

      Yes you are right a problematic boss can be one of the cause of pink slipping. However I would put it under the category of Management of personnel relations with may be boss or colleague. It depends upon the temperament of both the boss as well employee.

      I appreciate your view point. There can be many such factors contributing to this cause.

      Thanks again for your response


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    Ms._Infoposted 9 years ago

    Reason 3 is exactly why my company is handing out pink slips left and right.  It's a scary place to be right now!

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      yogindernathposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Dear Friend, There is nothing to worry about. There is no reason to get depressed for a thing beyond your control. The best thing is to plan the future strategy with full energy & happiness. If you have not read the full article posted by me, please do that. You will certainly find some tips suitable to you.

      Have a great Smile & Best of Luck !!!!