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Foursquare essentials

Updated on May 31, 2013

Foursquare Essentials

Foursquare is an extremely popular FREE app, and it gains more users everyday. Foursquare is a location based app, it shows where you are to your friends... sounds creepy right? It is actually extremely useful, when you "check in" to a location, it instantly brings up information about the business. It shows user reviews and tips, along with which one of your friends has been, or is there. Imagine the power that this app can have for your small business or for you personally! Foursquare can be used as an amazingly powerful marketing tool for business, or it can be like an instant digital coupon book for users! Either way Foursquare is an app that you need to get to know!

In this Lens I will discuss the power foursquare can have for business, and how useful it can be for an average user.

business foursquare page
business foursquare page

Foursquare for Your Business

-make this app work for you-

Foursquare can be a huge help to your business, every business has a few special customers, these are the people I like to call the "Hey Collins folk". I have lovingly named them that way because, whenever they walk into my door it is always a big HEY COLLINS! The 'Hey Collins Folk" are customers that come extremely regularly, they try to tell their friends about your business and always ask if they can help at all. They are the best customers, Now imagine if you could harness their good reviews and tips and put that in a digital place!!

Welcome to foursquare, now your customers can check in to your place of business leave reviews and tips and its free. Foursquare also makes it so all of "HEY COLLINS FOLK"s friends see that they checked in and left a review. This is a simple way to already start gathering customer reviews tips, and recommendations.

Are you sick of spending hundred of dollars each month buying coupons that almost never get redeemed? With foursquare you don't have to spend the money printing. Your foursquare profile has the option of "deals", meaning whenever someone checks into your business a small coupon pops up to help your customer get the best value, or try a new special.

Overall Foursquare can be an easy cheap way to increase your social presence!

how to create your business account - step by step video

Foursquare for you

-digital coupons and tips all on your phone-

Foursquare is so useful, for you and for me! It has user reviews on every location's page, it has helpful tips, coupons, and a way to meet up with friends. Everyone loves a good competition, with foursquare you and your friends can compete to see who goes the most places! Creating your own Foursquare account is easy, and you can link it to your face book, or phone. It is so simple, this is my favorite app for smartphones. Just go to the apple app store or the Android market and download the foursquare app. Follow the instructions and before you know it you will be enjoying coupons and competition! It can easily be used as a search engine to fine certain types of food chains, parks, amusement, or even night life spots. I am not surprised that 20 million people are using foursquare worldwide! It can be a great way to see where your friends are going or which restaurants you could impress a date with. It is so fun and so useful!


You open the Foursquare application, walk into a place(really any place works) hit the top right button called "check in", a map is pulled up that shows you where you are and what places are around you. You write what you are doing there or just hit "check it". Then you get a screen that is dedicated to telling you the popular tips, reviews, and any coupons that are associated with that place, as you scroll down that page you will also see how many points you were awarded for "checking in" to that place. These points are only a way to have a competition with your friends or fellow Foursquare users. Overall this is a fun addicting app that actually encourages you to move around and experience new things!

Your Foursquare! - check it out!

Why Get Foursquare

-Can Save you Money

-See Tips about local places

- Promote your business

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    • brycecollins lm profile image

      brycecollins lm 5 years ago

      Foursquare is a lot different than twitter. It might be a nice change, give it a try Mark!

    • Mark Shirbroun profile image

      Mark Shirbroun 5 years ago

      Nice lens - I have never used foursquare. Stuck with Twitter on my phone but maybe I will give it a chance.