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Download Free AVG Anti-Virus Protection For Your PC - New Edition 2015

Updated on September 25, 2014

It’s no secret that most people believe in you get what you pay for, but I generally believe that in this case it’s different. Why? Because AVG is a very well known company and is used by millions of people. I have previously paid for several different brands of anti-virus software and each time I’ve still had the problem of a virus getting through, which has been a hideous effort to get rid of from the computer.

I have been using the AVG free anti-virus protection now for about 3 years and not once have I had a virus or spyware on my PC. For that reason alone, as well as others, I give it my ‘personal recommendation’.

What is a Virus and spyware?

A virus that gets on your computer is a malicious program that can copy itself and spread from one computer to another. It can come from such places as the Internet, CDs, DVDs and USB Sticks. This can greatly affect your computers performance and data systems.

Spyware is usually more hidden on your computer than a Virus. It can collect various bits of your personal data and will often cause a nuisance by changing your homepage or opening up different URL pages to the one you typed in and searched for. It can slow down your computers performance by changing your computers settings.

What’s the catch?

It’s free for personal and non-commercial use only. That’s it, there is no other catch.

If you continue to use it for home use / personal use then you are never obliged to upgrade from your free version. And it’s not given to you on a trial basis either, so it won’t run out after 15 days or so. You can use it for as long as you want to.

Why does AVG offer it for free?

It’s always been their philosophy at AVG that everyone has the right to basic computer security at no charge. Like most companies, AVG have built up their customers on word of mouth and what a better way of doing that, than to offer something for free. We all like free stuff right?

How can they afford to give it away for free?

Many people that use AVG may at some point want to upgrade their free edition, either to one that offers them even more protection, or because they want to use it for business purposes. AVG make their profits from the upgrades. It’s almost like they are saying “We are so confident you will love this anti-virus software, that if or when you upgrade, you will want to buy from us”. And quite rightly so, I am yet to find a fault with them.

Why I Like It

  • First off – It’s free!
  • I’ve never had a virus on my pc since I started using it
  • I don’t get any pop-ups from it
  • I can change the speed it scans at. This means I can let it run slowly in the background while I’m using the computer, or let if run fast if I am away from the computer (perhaps on a lunch break). It can even be paused altogether and I can let it finish when I am good and ready to. This means it never gets in my way or slows down the computer when I need it not to do that the most
  • I can run quick scans on individual folders or files, which I find really convenient if I’ve just downloaded something and I want to quickly check on it before opening it, without having to scan the whole pc
  • I can schedule it to run on a certain day at a certain time. I often set it to run on a Sunday, when I am more likely to be off the computer and tending to dinner and my family
  • When there is an update for it, I get a handy little notification telling me
  • I just love the way it even scans its self to make sure nothing has made its way into its own folder!

What else can it do?

  • It comes with a LinkScanner® that keeps you safe from harmful sites leaving you to surf and search the web with confidence
  • You get online and offline protection from viruses and spyware
  • Safe searching on social networking sites for you and your friends (currently unique to AVG)
  • You can enjoy consistently high-speed PC performance with their new enhanced virus scanner
  • Automatic updates to keep your protection up to date

Compatible with:

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000

Get your free edition here:

Get your AVG free edition 2015 and be protected!


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    • Victoria Stephens profile imageAUTHOR

      Victoria Stephens 

      7 years ago from London

      Hi Charlemont,

      I completely agree it's hard to find anything that is 'really free' these days, I've always admired that AVG have proved 'free' can exist with no catch.


    • charlemont profile image


      7 years ago from Lithuania

      Too often software called "free" is not free at all. It either runs out in a month, is a "demo" (read: useless) or will nag with screens "purchase me purchase me purchase me". AVG is a pleasant exception. I can only think of 2 or 3 more antivirus programs that offer really free protection.

    • Victoria Stephens profile imageAUTHOR

      Victoria Stephens 

      7 years ago from London

      It’s defiantly the best, pleased to hear you use it too. I really hate seeing people wasting money on ones that are not as good.

      Thanks for taking the time to have a read and leave a comment, much appreciated.

      Best wishes.x

    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 

      7 years ago from Massachusetts

      Hi Victoria, great well written hub,I use AVG I think it is the best free Anti-Virus software. Thumbs up!!!


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