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Hiring a Freelance Web Designer 101

Updated on October 29, 2012

Tips To Hire A Freelance Web Designer

If you are not aware with website design and development process then hiring a web designer can be confusing. In three ways you can hire a designer, one is hire an agency second is hire employee and another is hire a freelancer.

For small business or startups hiring a freelancer can be more beneficial.

Why? For short time projects having freelance developer / consultant will be a good decision, you don't need to go with recruitment process and other official procedure. Freelancers gives you flexibility of working and don't have to pay benefits.

Educate Yourself - website designing

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Website = Designing + Coding + Content

Small Business Website = Designing + Coding + Content + SEO

Hiring A Website Developer

Where to find a Freelance Website Developer?

Post Project on Website

There are lots of online marketplaces, freelancing websites, and classified websites available where you can post your job requirements to find freelance website developer.

How to start with job posting?

Write Down Website Requirement

Most important part of posting job is the job description. Give as much possible information about your vision of having a website. List out basic functionalities or features which you are looking for the website. To do this, check out websites of your competitors or big brands in your industry.

If bidder asked for more details about website designing do send them Private Message (PM) or most freelancing website have clarification or comment board for this.

How much does a web site cost?

Important Decision

It depends on your requirements. If you are looking for small static website that does nothing, just state information about company and its services then price is reasonably low.

If you are looking for more functionality like online store, newsletters, CMS then it can be expensive.

In having a website the other cost to considered are purchasing stock images, logo design or other graphic design, web content writing, hosting, domain name and ongoing maintenance

Remember, you will get what you pay for, avoid fixed price packages or a cheap websites offer. Negotiate and take all the details of the service he is going to provide. If you ask for something extra after a price has been decided, then expect to pay more.

Tip: To find out charges to create a website check out prices of already published projects, survey on internet by visiting website design company packages or ask your friend.

How To Choose Freelance Web Designer?

Important Points to Consider

On bases of your requirements and budget you will get plenty of bid/proposals. It might be a confusing job for you to find out which one will give proper service. Some points to consider in choosing are:

1. The conversation between you and freelancer. How confident he/she looks? What he is offering or promising.

2. Check out Portfolio; if not available ask them for example works.

3. Freelancing websites are good to find out the feedback score. Check the feedback also.

4. Look more about his education in designing / development, experience and how much skilful he/she is.


Website looks are important but more important is the user experience.

Communication is the essential part

Prepare Yourself

Do read basics about website designing, website usability, website testing etc which helps in understanding the process of website development.

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      Very interesting information. I wonder if the author is a designer, developer or a client. It does seem pretty fair to me, though. Well done, good read. Chennai Web Designer

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      basheerakhanuae 6 years ago

      Hiring a Freelance Web Designer 101 - Awesome lens.Thanks for the share.web designing uae