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9 Best Gelaskins Blackberry Cases - You've Got to Love Them!

Updated on June 26, 2014

Some of the most beautiful and artistic designs for your Blackberry!

Blacberry is almost everywhere! It's not just for office use anymore, and is preferred by people for personal use too. What I find really amusing is when I visit social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter I find people screaming out their BB pins out loud! When I found this was going on everywhere, I decided to temporarily put 'No BB Pin at the moment. Try again later' as part of my public profile. Jealous me? Yes, most definitely!

You can't rule out how popular these little devices are. If you own a Blackberry, then surely you would want to protect your prized possession. You need not opt for those boring plain leather cases like just about everyone else. Why not make your Blackberry stand out from the rest? This is where Gelaskins come in. I found their variety of Blackberry skins to be simply outstanding. Reviews have been positive, so I decided to dig in a little deeper and bring out the best of skins for your scrutiny. They apparently employ 100s of artists to help them out with their cases - and it shows! You can't help marvelling at the beautiful Blackberry designs.

Some Info about Gelaskin Blackberry Cases -

  • Quality 3M Adhesive Cases
  • They are easy to use
  • Unique designs!

Ok, enough of all the blabbering. Let's get down to the best looking Blackberry Gelaskins designs.

Gelaskins Blackberry Storm Bookshelf

Probably one of the bestselling Gelaskins for Blackberry. Designed by Colin Thompson.

Gelaskins Blackberry Curve Rooted in Earth

This one is designed by Heather Haynes. It has a very calming effect and I love the color combinations. Another bestselling Blackberry case from Gelaskins.


Gelaskins Blackberry Storm Shore

It's pink! More apt for girls I think. I mean, I can't imagine a guy sporting this kind of Blackberry case! ;) Designed by Lawrence Yang.


Time for a Break - Enough of all those cases already! (Vodafone Ad in India - We are the Blackberry Boys)

Gelaskins Blackberry Curve The Enamored Owl

One of my favorites! I like the stylish design plus the colors used. Designed by Alberto Cerriteno.


Gelaskins Blackberry Curve The Great Wave

A subtle design by Katsushika Hokusai. It has a very breezy feel to it. Another one of my favorites.


Gelaskins Blackberry Curve Golfer

This particular Gelaskins Blackberry skin makes me smile. It's so adorable and apt for all those golf freaks. 


Gelaskins Blackberry Storm Dragon

A super rocking design by Jeff Wood! I have a thing for dragon designs (tattoos included) and maybe this is why I find this case very attractive.  


Gelaskins Blackberry Storm Cable Cranes

 Designed by Nanami Cowdroy, this Black and White Blackberry skin is classic.  


Gelaskins Blackberry Storm Ink Pond

This Gelaskins Ink Pond design has been created by Nanami Cowdroy. It's all wriggly and black and white. But me likes!  



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      nitin mendekar 6 years ago

      hi i liked the designs i wantd to know from where can i buy it in india can any one give me the contact number