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Get an Underwater Camera Under 100 Dollars

Updated on January 5, 2014

Yes, You Can Buy Underwater Cameras for Under $100

Digital camera technology has improved a lot over the past few years, and now you can easily pick up a good underwater camera under 100 dollars. Most of them aren't made for scuba diving at great depths (although a few will reach the depth limits of a standard open diver certification), but they're perfect for taking to the pool, the beach or anywhere you don't want your expensive digital camera or camera phone to get wet. Here's a look at some of the waterproof cameras under $100 that you can buy now without breaking the bank.

(Image: Waterproof ACQUA WP6800 UnderWater Digital Camera available at Amazon. See link below.)

Coleman Mini Xtreme C3WP 5 MP Waterproof Digital Camera - An Underwater Camera Under $50

This fairly cheap underwater camera is made by Coleman, a brand well-known for its outdoor products. It's waterproof to 10 feet and has a 5.0 megapixel resolution, which is pretty good resolution for such a low price.

Waterproof ACQUA WP6800 - Another underwater camera for about $50

This underwater camera is priced just under $50 at the time of writing (prices subject to change) and is waterproof down to 15 feet, making it a good choice for snorkelers, swimmers, kayakers, boaters and others.

Polaroid CXA-800YC - Underwater camera under $100 from a well-known name

Acqua and Intova may not be household names, but Polaroid is, and they've jumped into the waterproof camera game with the Polaroid CXA-800YC underwater camera. This 8 MP compact camera weighs only 8 ounces and can go to 10 feet underwater. It may be light on features, but it's also light on the wallet, with a price tag at Amazon under $50 (as of this writing. Prices subject to change.)

Polaroid CXA-800YC 8MP WP Digital Camera - Yellow Waterproof
Polaroid CXA-800YC 8MP WP Digital Camera - Yellow Waterproof

Product description: 8mp enhanced resolution. Water- proof up to 10 feet. 2.4 lcd. 4x digital zoom. Iso up to 400. Captures hd video & audio @ 30fps. Digital antishake. Face tracking. In cam red eye removal. Sd/sdhc compatable


Vivitar Vivicam 8400 - Waterproof to 10 meters/33 feet

This little model by Vivitar is waterproof to 10 meters, about the same as the most popular waterproof cameras that cost around $300. This camera can't shoot HD video and doesn't have GPS or other fancy functions, but it will let you take 8.1 MP images and 640x480 video down to 33 feet.

Vivitar 8400YL ViviCam 8 MP Compact System Camera with 2.4-Inch LCD Body Only (Yellow)
Vivitar 8400YL ViviCam 8 MP Compact System Camera with 2.4-Inch LCD Body Only (Yellow)

Product description: Vivitar's ViviCam 8400 is waterproof up to 10 meters underwater! 8.1 Mega Pixels,featuring a 2.4" TFT LCD screen, and has a 8x Digital Zoom. Includes a built-in microphone,64M Nandflash Built-in memory and,10-20 sec self-timer. Comes with a USB/AV cable, Wrist Strap and Camera Pouch.


Intova CP9 Compact Waterproof Digital Camera - A 9-MP underwater camera for under 100

If you want better resolution than the options above, here's an inexpensive digital camera you could even take scuba diving. The Intova CP9 is waterproof to 130 feet, but still priced under $100. It offers 9 megapixel resolution and can also capture 640x480 video. Take a look at the video below to see it in action.

Intova CP9 Compact Waterproof Digital Camera (OLD MODEL)
Intova CP9 Compact Waterproof Digital Camera (OLD MODEL)

Product features:

Sensor: 9-megapixel CMOS

Still resolution options: 12 megapixels (3968 x 2976; hardware interpolation); 9 megapixels (3472 x 2604); 6 megapixels (2816 x 2112); 4 megapixels (2304 x 1728); 2 megapixels (1600 x 1200); VGA (640 x 480)

Video modes: VGA (640 x 480) at 20 fps; QVGA (320 x 240) at 30 fps

Lens: 3.0 aperture range; 7.9mm focal length (equivalent to 45mm on a 35mm camera)

Digital zoom: 4x

Shutter speed: 1 - 1/2000 second

LCD screen:2.36-inch color

Internal memory: 32 MB

Scene modes: Sports, Night, Portrait, Landscape, and Backlight, plus Program AE.


Kodak Sport Disposible Camera - Disposables are the cheapest underwater cameras you can buy

If you just want a one-time-use waterproof camera for a vacation, the cheapest way to go is with a disposable underwater camera. Just remember that you'll be limited to the number of exposures on the roll (27), won't be able to see your photos instantly, and will still need to pay for developing. So if you're planning to shoot more than 27 photos, one of the under-$50 models might end up being cheaper in the long run.

Yes, you can get an underwater camera for under 100 dollars!

More Waterproof Cameras - Variety of prices and options

While you can get an underwater camera for under 100 dollars, if you're looking for more features, you may need to spend a little more money. Manufacturers such as Panasonic, Nikon and Canon all make very popular sports cameras that are waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and freezeproof and come with advanced features such as HD video, GPS or panoramic mode. And new models are coming out all the time! You may also want to check underwater digital camera reviews here.

Here's a sample of some of the waterproof cameras currently available through Amazon.

Underwater Cameras Under $100 on eBay - Find great deals at a price you like

If you're looking for a bargain, be sure to look at eBay. You may be able to bid on the underwater camera of your dreams for under $100 or find a fixed price sale for a used camera that you like. eBay is a great place to shop for virtually everything and find great deals. Here are some underwater cameras under $100 on eBay.

See An Underwater Video Camera Under $100 in Action - Video shot with the Intova CP9

Do You Have a Favorite Underwater Camera Under $100? - Reviews and comments welcome!

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