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Gibson les paul slash appetite for destruction AFD price

Updated on February 26, 2013

2010 gibson les paul slash appetite for destruction limited run standard vs VOS price?

We are going to discuss the features of the gibson les paul slash appetite for destruction limited run, we are going to compare the standard edition to the custom VOS AFD and why the price went up $1000 in 1 year

2010 Gibson les paul slash appetite for destruction ( standard edition)

This has been one of the most popular signature guitars since 2010, when Gibson announced the introduction of this model people went crazy, people were driving more than 200 miles to the next city to see if the dealers have 1 still in stock, this craze over this serie reminded me of the 2008 limited edition slash signatures: back then Gibson announced the introduction of a vintage burst Slash limited to 1600 and a goldtop limited to 1000, all the 2600 guitars were sold the first week so Gibson decided to not put a number on the standard 2010 appetite for destruction and ran production till december 2010, the standard edition retailed for $2837 but most stores sold it for $2399-$2599, the custom vos edition had a retail price of $6499 and sold in most stores for $4995.

Today if you are actively searching for a used one you will not get a standard AFD( Appetite For Destruction) for less than $3299-$3499( almost impossible), the used custom shop VOS ones are averaging $6000.

To recap: these two Slash signature serie went up in value $1000, they are considered good investments for those of you who don't like keeping money in the bank.

So what are the features of these two fine guitars?

1)-The 2010 Gibson les paul standard Slash appetite for destruction:

Production: Not advertised production number!

2 humbuckers: Seymour duncan alnico II pro signature pickups

60's slim neck profile( very comfortable, considered a fast neck)

Highly flamed 2 piece maple top: very beautiful

Finish:Unburst ( other people call it amberburst)

Mahogany back ( manufacturing the back involved a process known as: weight relieving, other people call it: GRILLED CHEESE METHOD)

Tuners:Tone pros Kluson style tuners

Bridge:Tonepros tune-o-matic ( ABR1)

Tailpiece:Tonepros stopbar tailpiece

One very cool feature included for free is the Dunlop strap locks( A guitar of this value should always be fit with strap locks to avoid the guitar falling off the strap)

This guitar is not too heavy and is not too light, for those of you who confuse : chambered with weight relieving: This guitar is weight relieved not chambered, chambered guitars have a hollow chamber inside the body which make them extremely light.

I personally prefer weight relieved guitars to the chambered ones.

2)-2010 Gibson les paul custom shop VOS Slash appetite for destruction:

Production number: advertised: only 300 produced!

It has of course the 60's slim neck, same pickups but also have the Vintage original specs for more vintage experience, it is based on the guitar slash used on the album Appetite for destruction, the serial number on this guitar is not just digits, it starts with AFDxxx and then 3 digits

the headstock logo of the VOS is not the signed slash logo but the regular les paul signature.

The hardware is a bit different than the standard edition it's aluminum nickel plated versus the chrome on the standard serie.

The pots on the VOS are also different from the standard edition, the VOS has the vintage looking audio taper pots(500k), the standard model uses the regular stamped Gibson pots.

Conclusion:Both guitars sound really good and considered a very good investment however, the edge goes to the VOS edition because it's limited to 300 which means in few years the price will go up again, who knows what price record this guitar is going to break in the near future

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Let me know what you think about this lense I published, will be publishing more lenses about the different Gibson guitars that I had the opportunity to own, buy and sell

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