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‘Google Translate for Animals’ Have You Try It Already?

Updated on December 9, 2014

Google translate for animals android application


Google translate for Animals probably is not something new for us especially for many Android users. This application is familiar among Android users. Just to remind us again and for those who do not know about this application. I will try to review it here. Actually, "Google translate for animals" is a Google April fool's joke. Google has created a webpage and it was first launched on 1st April 2010 to promote the Google translate for animals. At that time, the Google translate for animals prank is very convincing because it was even obviously linked from the Google homepage where Google put a text link on it that reads “New! Break the language barrier between species with Google Animal Translate!” This prank finally drew millions of hits to the Google translate for animals landing page. Some people think it is probably a stupid idea to make a biggest joke in the internet with it. But, actually this is a cost effective way to advertise and Google successfully done it.

How to use "Google translate for animals"
How to use "Google translate for animals" | Source

Besides it’s only Google’s April fool's ideas, but apparently Google also develop the application for Android market. The landing page of "Google translate for animals" even has pretty complete information that explained this project along with a video that explained about how to use the application. Google said they even cooperate with many of the world's top language synthesis team to develop this application. Moreover, Google has teamed up with many experienced people in the “animal cognitive linguistics” including senior fellows from “Bodleian Library” in Oxford. They even tested it already by implements the application to several animals (mostly pets and livestocks) in order to understand what they want and what their needs by listening and understanding their sounds. They tested the application by recording or directly capture the sound from the animals then it’s processed by the application to analyze the meaning of their sounds.

Not all animals voices could be translated with this application, only a few animals are chosen such as some animals that usually close to humans such as pets and livestock (several choices from cat, dog, rabbit, bird, hamster, guinea pig, tortoise, horse, chicken, or sheep donkey). Some user of this application think it is useful, and some said it’s fun and entertaining. I think, if all the sounds of animals can be translated, it will take time, effort, and huge cost to develop it.

This application is offering free and if you are interested to use this application on your Android phone or pad, you can download it directly from the Android market or go to Google translate for animals landing page: to find out more information about this application.

Google translate for animals - how it works

Although "Google translate for animals" is available to download from Android market now and we can use it for free, make a translator application for animals has its own challenge. Animals have a much different attitude compare to humans. And if compare to human languages that have very complex symbols, meaning, grammar, etc, animals typically use a distinctive voice to express or communicate something rather than stringing words.

Actually, do not expect that this application has been absolutely perfect to translate the language of animals. It took deeper and wider development to understand what is to be conveyed by the animals. Also sometimes, animals not only express what they feel through a distinctive voice but also through body movements. Some animal's voice has different frequencies such as voices that possessed by bats and whales. But, to understand some animals language from pets to livestocks actually is a good progress because mostly human interacts often with pets and livestocks.

But overall, "Google translate for Animals" is a great application to use as entertainment purpose. We may not be fully able to understand all animal's desire from their voices and expressions, but still, this application is very useful for us to help try to understand the language of animals in general. If you are curious to try it, you can download this free app via Android Market and install it on your android phone or pad.


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