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Making Google Friendly Websites

Updated on August 6, 2016


Google friendly website means a website designed in such a way so that Google search crawlers or spiders access your website in the best possible way. When you make your website, the designers and developers should make it in such a way so that search spiders of Google or other search engines should know what your website is all about. The more easily the crawlers access your website the better search ranking your website will get on search engines.

Note - Even if you are using a for building your website, you should make sure that your website is google friendly.

Google search give preference to websites that follow google webmaster policies. Google webmaster policies or guidelines are the set of rules and regulations telling how you should make your website so that it gives the best experience to the users, and also is search crawlers friendly.

The following points will explain the things which you should keep in mind when designing google friendly website.

1) Content is king: - Content is always the most important thing. Your content should be such that the user can easily understand what your website is all about. You should write content in proper English with no spelling and grammar mistake.

2) No keyword stuffing: - Do not include too many keywords in “meta keyword tag” nor include one keyword in many places in your web page. For example if you are targeting keyword “sale” then do not include this keyword more than 15 times per 100 words. Also if there is more than one keyword then should have all those keyword in your page content. Also do not put less important keywords in your meta keyword tag.

3) Page Title:- Your page title should tell what the page is all about. For example if your web page is about website designing then your page title should be something like “Website designing at affordable cost”, “Website designing from professionals”, etc. It should not be like “default page”, “test page abc”, etc. Google spiders will look for the page title to get the idea of what the page is all about. Also make your page title with at most 65 characters. This is because google only reads 65 characters in a page title. All the other characters are left. Also use all character of the page title as lower case once.

4) No more than 3 levels: - Your website should not be more than 3 levels deep. This means all pages in your website should be accessed with no more than 3 clicks from the main page(index page or the starting page, eg the starting page of website yogihosting). More than 3 levels are not liked by google search spiders. Also all pages should be connected to at least on page of your website.

5) No more that 100 links per page: - There should not be more than 100 links in a page. Google webmaster guidelines state that pages with more than 100 links loose their importance. Also it is most probable that google will not index this page.

6) Sitemaps: - Submit your website to google, bing, yahoo and other search engines. This is done by make xml sitemap. The xml site map contains all the pages of your website, when they were last modified, there url and their priority. Every website must have a sitemap and it must be updated and resubmitted whenever a new page is added or a page is removed or a page is updated.

7) Good Host:- Always make sure your website loading speed is good because a poor loading speed of the website will be a negative in SERPS. Therefore always buy Web Hosting from a good company.

These are some of the points which you should implement in your website to increase its visibility and search ranking. You can read all the google webmaster policies online in google. Don’t feel shy to contact me if you have any questions. Thanks.

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