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Google Tricks - I'm Feeling Lucky

Updated on April 8, 2012

Other advantages of the "I'm feeling Lucky" buttons from Google search engine that can be used as "just for fun"

Google has its own advantages as a search engine. Whether, if many people pay attention to this, Google has the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button on the website homepage as a supporting feature in Google search engine. "I'm feeling Lucky" button is useful if people want to do a search that is seen as a short cut and hope soon to find the right sites or content from the keywords that is intended and insert in the column of the Google search engine. But there is another advantage of the "I'm feeling Lucky" buttons from Google search engine that can be used as "just for fun". Some keywords can be used to simply see a tricks, magic, or words game is quite entertaining and brings fun as the results of pressing the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button in Google search engine homepage, if you find or knowing the right keywords that you entered into the column box of Google's search engine and press the "I'm feeling Lucky" button. I know a few keywords that you can enter as Google for entertainment or just looking for fun from these tricks, below are some of it (please input one of the keywords below then push the "I'm feeling lucky" buttons to see some of Google tricks):

french military victories

who’s the cutest

google reverse or elgoog

annoying google

ewmew fudd

easter google or google easter eggs

google hacker or google 133t

google gravity

google sphere

google rainbow

google loco

google pacman

google epic

google bsd

chuck Norris

google gothic

google piglatin

google klingon

google pirate

google bork

google chav

I have another google search hidden secrets that I found, you can see it here:

Let me know if there any others Google tricks so that I can add it in here.

Have fun.


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    • profile image

      shrenuj 6 years ago

      trick 1

      1. Go to Google

      2. Search For "Dhoni kisses ponting I m feeling Lucky"

      3.Click On The 1st link

      trick 2

      1.Go to Google

      2.Search For "Anna hazare is a terrorist i m feeling lucky"

      3.Click on the 1st link

      Anna is hero!

    • slc334 profile image

      slc334 7 years ago from Canada

      Neat list, thanks!