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Google Tools

Updated on January 30, 2017


This hub is my impressions regarding the GOOGLE phenomenon that is sweeping the world.

Vote for your favorite Google tool at the bottom of this lens.

In addition, Google has accumulated a lot of cash recently and they have been acquiring startup companies. What do you think will be the next target of Google?
Please let me know by adding a blurb to my guestbook.

- Feb. 2008

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    • profile image

      skaminsky 10 years ago

      I just wanna say google is getting richer while most are losing there money.

    • profile image

      abbyrandal 11 years ago

      Nice lense! Don't forget Google Desktop: I just installed it yesterday and it comes with a really handy sidebar (looks a bit like Windows Vista). You can modify it completely to your own wishes and add/remove different widgets. Notes, to-do lists, clocks, news feeds, weather, etc. An awesome tool!