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Gumtree Scams

Updated on October 18, 2012

Helen Watson The Great Gumtree Scam

Here are a few things on gumtree that don't exist but are up for sale

jacuzzi's Artic Spa £800

a Quinny buzz for£130

corner sofa footstool 100

£100 for a set of golf clubs

£50 dressing table

£430 (Alienware Laptop).

Honda HD500 500KG Payload Tracked Hi-Tip Dumper for £750

I say they don't exist they do but on ebay you can find them in the ended listings on ebay the photos and descriptions are been copied and put up for sale on gumtree at a cheaper price so they look a good bargain there are hundreds of things on gumtree up for sale by this person or persons

Who's Scamming You

Aliasis to be aware of

Here is a picture they use on their google profile for some of their names

Here are some of their aliasis email addresses and phone numbers 07973425052

Alexa Brown - alexa75brown 07747516575

Alexa Edwards - alexa75edwards 07747524520/07973423112

Alexa Connel - 07747524520

Sarah Harper - 07747516575/07747192044

Sarah Harding - 07747192044

Sarah Harlow - sarah75harlow 07747516575/07747192044

Norma Palmer - 07747192044

Angela Murray - angela75murray 07747516575

Teresa Sutton - teresa75sutton 07973475052

Nora Alexander - 07973423112

Lynn (can't find surname) - 07973423112

Carol Andrews - 07973475052

Amanda Wilder - amanda75wilder 07973475052

Jennie Bright - jennie75bright 07973475052

Melanie Wherton - melanie75wherton 07973475052

Stacey Stone - stacey75stone 07973475052

New updates

melanie ward

How Does The Scam Work

Firstly you reply to an ad on gumtree

you then get a text message to your phone say hi this is helen( or who ever) from gumtree if you have any questions please email me on helen75watson for example, you email them because you want to buy it, it then goes like this

Hi Leah,(for example)

Don't know if it's been long since you've emailed, I've been out so couldn't follow up on my text message. Can't promise anything but visiting my mum shortly, wouldn't mind making a drop off :) .

If you'll send me your postcode I can check out on my satnav the distance to yours.

Reasonable price and accurate description, it's worth the money, no bad surprises. I won't go any lower.

Can be reached on 07973=425=052 low signal strength area :( but check emails regularly.


helen.(or which ever name they are using)

P.S. Will take cash only.

then after a follow up you get this!

Unfortunately I've just got called into the office (i get sent countrywide with less than 24hrs notice) so very busy till next week. Back at work we have some shipments for large items with parcelforce all week long. Just thought it would save you time and hassle if I'll send it along with them free of charge :) company benefits :) .

I asked around and it seems you can pay cash upon delivery/inspection. It's quite simple since they're able to wait for you to check it out, if not as described they can just void the shipment with no extra charge.

If that's alright with you I'll need a name, address, contact number and also date&time suitable for the delivery.

Working long hours so If you want to pop in and pick it up you'll have to wait till next week or so when hopefully I'll get my head around :)

Let me know either way.


You can check out helens profile on Google+ here :


Then when you reply with some details but not setting a time or date ...

Booked it for Wednesday am, 9-10am. Great, I've just finished filling out the forms online and Parcel Force will handle payment as well, you'll need cash. You should receive email notifications on how to proceed. Get back to me if you don't receive them and if you have any queries, glad to help.


P.S. If not in your inbox check your junk or spam folder also.

then the email from "parcelforce"(supposedly)

Parcel Tracking details


At the request of Helen Watson, this notice is to confirm that the following shipment is in transit.

Important delivery information

Temporary parcel number: PBIE549870017 *Pending - Not valid to track online*

Packaged Goods: JP Freestyle Wave 84 Pro

Declared value: £190.00

Status: In progress(Arrived at delivery depot)

Payment required within 24 hours:


Find a corner shop, newsagent, convenience store, supermarket or outlet that has the PayPoint sign as you can see bellow:

Ask the shopkeeper for a £190.00 voucher.

Reply to this invoice directly with a readable scan or a photo of the UKASH receipt.

Our department will automatically validate your voucher and release the parcel out for delivery.

The delivery agent will call you on *your number* 1 hour prior to delivery. You are able to inspect the contents and if satisfied you will need to sign for it. If not, our agent will do a bank transfer and return the parcel as rejected.

Parcel Force Package Inspection Department

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: The information contained in and accompanying this communication may be confidential and is intended solely for the use of the intended recipient(s). If you are not the intended recipient of this communication please delete and destroy all copies immediately.


Parcelforce Worldwide is a trading name of Royal Mail Group Ltd.

Parcelforce Worldwide's principal office is Lytham House, 25 Caldecotte Lake Drive, Milton Keynes, MK7 8LE.

Royal Mail Group VAT registration number: GB243170002

Obviously your parcel does not arrive but by the time you get to this stage your ukash or global payment voucher has been cashed and even though you have the original you cannot get a refund.

If you realise in time you can call ukash to block it but you need to be quick because it is accepted on thousands of websites worldwide you can even call them to see if it has been cashed if so they will tell you to report it to the police but they say they can't do anything because you can't prove you have been robbed.

Contact UKash to cancel the voucher or find out if the voucher has been cashed 00800 247 85274

If there is anything you would like to share regarding this or any other scam email it to us at And please add your comments below All New Information Will Be Added to Main Article Here

Only by sharing our information about things like this can we help to keep each other safe and help stop each other from getting ripped off, believe me these people are making millions out of our hard earned cash and we need to help our selves because nobody else will

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    • ITS4YOU LM profile image

      ITS4YOU LM 5 years ago

      @marnitz-wielligh: hi, yes google have the power but will only hand over this information to the police but the police just don't seem bothered as when you report it the money you have lost is not substantiial enough to warrant their time, even though if you added all the cases together it would amount to hundres of thousands, plus you can't actually prove you have been robbed, hopefully overtime the more and more information we can gather we may be able to do something about it. thanks for the comment, all the best darren

    • profile image

      marnitz-wielligh 5 years ago

      @Aamertime: Hi I've been done as well for £120 with user Melanie Ward, I've traced all these email addresses to one server in California:

      Name: No Name Found (add this person)

      Address: Unavailable

      Company: Google Inc.

      Server Location: Mountain View, CA 94043

      Status: Verified

      IP Address:

      Facebook Profile: Possible Matches

      MySpace Profile: None Found

      Surely Google or someone can trace this user as it's always the same ip address, well two variations either ending in .227.22 / .227.21. I've gone through all the google+ profiles for names given above and they all have the same photo's, well two variations Blond and Brunette. I reported all these profiles as fake and spam. I just can't seem to think what else to do! Google has all the power to stop this, but they just don't seem bothered!!!

    • profile image

      Aamertime 5 years ago

      Thanks for this. I got to the 2nd email stage and I always do my research - (just as well!!) On this one the email was used and she used the number 07973425052 (both are searchable on the net)

      Thanks guys. Stay safe