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COFFEE ON THE MOVE - The convenient way.

Updated on April 22, 2013

Camping - out in the wilds?

You're out tramping the moors or fens with friends and suddenly you feel like nothing else will do except a good strong cup of coffee. There isn't a cafe or pub in sight so what do you do?

You whip out your trusty (and possibly rusty) Thermos and pour yourself a plastic cup of plastic brown liquid when all you really, really want is a chocca mocha dolce latte.

Do you grin and bear it and gulp down the vile brew? No you don't. You have another look in your rucksack and pull out your Handpresso Wild.


The Handpresso is a cunning device that lets you have your espresso coffee wherever you are. You still need your trusty flask but filled only with hot water, you'll also need a stock of Easy Serve ESE coffe pods.

Just pack a flask of hot water, your choice of Easy Serve Espresso (ESE) coffee pods (available from supermarkets). And there you go; a perfect cup of coffee at your finger tips. How cool is that?

Technical Specifications:

- Pressure of 16 bar

- Water reservoir of 50ml

- Very compact 22 x 10 x 7 cm

- Light weight 476g

- Colour black

- E.S.E pods

You simply pump the sophisticated bicycle pump-like machine until it reaches a pressure of 16 bar, add hot water and an ESE pod, then press a button and prepare to be amazed as your coffee is delivered at high pressure. You can buy a matching flask, carry case and cup set as well as filters to make ristretto (a shorter coffee - cafe corto in Spanish).

PRICE: Varies according to country but starts around £67.00 or €100 depending on model and accessories purchased.

Available from:, eBay, Amazon, Fairfax Coffee, Whittard and many other outlets worldwide


The Handpresso Wild is also available in the US priced around $150.  Try Amazon or EBay if you're having trouble locating it in stores.


Coffee Pods

What is a coffee pod ?

Coffee pods are freshly roasted ground coffee, encapsulated in a paper pod.  They were introduced as a convenient way to ensure perfect, mess free machine coffee around 14 years ago by Illy Caffe. Pods are made in a standard 6..8g size (44mm) although there are 9g ones (62mm) too and double strength ones.  Popular brands are Illy, Lavazza, Izzo, CaffeLuca, New York, Jolly Cafe, Kona. Carte Noir, Kenco, Douwe Egberts and Nescafe.

They come in several varieties and blends; such as Colombian, Costa Rican, Sumatra Lintong, Brazilian, Java, Ethiopian, Italian Espresso (for Latte, Cappucino, Espresso), Decaffeinated, Fast Brew, Buzz, French Roast, Italian Dark Roast, Brazilian Cerrado, Kenya, Maple Syrup, Vanilla, Hazelnut, Amaretto, Irish Cream.

The cost per shot varies from around 15p to 40p for the luxury blends/flavours.


Must Have: Absolute genius" - Daily Telegraph

"This is great. It's almost the ultimate espresso-making machine" - giftgadgetgateway

"This thing is a GREAT way for me to get my espresso fix at work" - Amazon review

"This device is extremely well made and will probably last a long time"- buyzillion

© Susan Bailey 2008 All Rights Reserved


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    • mathan1234 profile image

      mathan1234 9 years ago from Oklahoma City, OK

      Wow that's really interesting! I'm on the road a lot and unfortunately I can't bring my giant espresso machine with me. I think I might have to try this and see how it tastes! :)