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Headphone Stands & Holders - Hang your Headphones up!

Updated on April 5, 2013

Take care of your headphones

My husband and I love headphones. You might even call as headphone addicts. And after spending hundreds on headphones we realized we needed someplace to put our headphones.

This is not an uncommon problem for audiophiles. Many audiophiles buy or make desk headphone stands, or put up headphone hooks.

I like this dual headphone stand.

Other options including using a banana stand or buying some hooks at the hardware store. You can also put a whole bunch of pegs in a board and call it your homemade headphone rack.

Since there are many different kinds of headphones, one headphone hook isn't going to work for all of them. The larger the headphone band, the harder it is to just stick it on a random hook.

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Headphone Hooks - a good choice if space is a problem

These connect to the wall. If you have space on your wall near your desk (or other listening area) then this can be an easy way to store your headphones out of the way. Unfortunately, I've got a big window right near my desk, so not much room for hooks in the wall.... Although I do have a hook on the side of my desk which works well.

Stedman SHH Studio Headphone Hanger
Stedman SHH Studio Headphone Hanger

This attaches to a mic stand or music stand.


Use a Banana Hanger for a Headphone Stand

I actually bought one of these as a wedding gift..... But it wasn't until I read the reviews that I realized that it might have been listed on the gift registry for other reasons!

Spectrum Euro Banana Holder, Satin Nickel
Spectrum Euro Banana Holder, Satin Nickel

Cheap and useful stand for holding grapes, bananas, or for the audiophile or gamer, headphones or head sets!!


Audio Technica Headphone Stand

A very classy way to display your cans!

Blue Glass Mannequin Head - A Beautiful Way to Store a Headphone

These aren't just for hat salesmen!

Unique Headphone Stands

For the audiophile, headphone collector, interior designer, or the person who has everything else.

Omega Headphone Stands - Unique Beautiful Wooden Display Stands for your Headphones

Omega Headphone Stands
Omega Headphone Stands

Woo Audio Aluminum Headphone Stands - These Metal Stands are Affordable ($29 as of 2/4/2011)

Woo Audio Aluminum Headphone Stands
Woo Audio Aluminum Headphone Stands

Thank you for visiting!

Hopefully this page has helped you to find the right way to display your headphones... Personally I think it's very important to have a place to hang them, because on the floor they can easily get damaged and dirtied. My desk gets crowded too, so that's not a real option....

As you can see, you can buy one for fairly cheap, or you can spend a lot of money on an expensive and awe-inspiring one.... Or you can even get out the saw and hammer, take a trip to the hardware store, and build your own creation.

Most of all....

Happy listening! :)

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    • avigarret profile image

      avigarret 5 years ago

      As a person that goes through headphones every 2 months this lens came as a blessing, thanks for sharing :)

    • profile image

      Pangionedevelopers 5 years ago

      Great info here, I just went through your last 5 sites and I like'd them all

      David P here

    • ForestBear LM profile image

      ForestBear LM 6 years ago

      never thought about using a banana hanger :-) Great lens with lots of ideas

    • profile image

      lucky21 6 years ago

      I love the wooden headphone stands. I think I could easily make these. Great to keep organized.

    • profile image

      WorldVisionary 6 years ago

      Great for keeping organized!

    • Swisstoons profile image

      Thomas F. Wuthrich 6 years ago from Michigan

      I live in an apartment and use headphones to listen to both music and to the TV. I do it partly to avoid disturbing neighbors, but also to avoid being disturbed by them.