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headphones and usb dacs

Updated on July 7, 2015

headphones and usd dacs

I own a pair of sennheiser momentum headphones. I also own a audioquest dragonfly V 1.2 usb dac to power my headphones. They both have great sound. Best sound I ever owned. I used to have kef hi fi computer speakers and takstar hi fi headphones with some cheap 30 dollar usb dac. they sounded good but not as good as the headphones and usb dac i own right now. The sennheiser momentum headphones and the audioquest dragon fly v1.2 usb dac ran me just over 298 with shipping and taxes. They are the recommended entry level to hi fi components of 2014 by stereophile magazine.

sennheiser momentum audioquest dragonfly v1.2 usb dac


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