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How Internet Acquisition will Change Future of Social Networking

Updated on June 25, 2015
Social Networking Giants Facebook and Google to Own most of the Internet by 2020
Social Networking Giants Facebook and Google to Own most of the Internet by 2020

The Dawn of Social Network and Internet

There would be hardly any day when you won't use Google or Facebook, in short we can't live without internet as it connects us to a whole new network that makes our day to day activities a lot easier. Be it a Science project or a major company project, everything now depends on the Internet. From buying accessories, gaming, messaging to minor things such as household shopping can now be done in a instant without having to go to our nearest shop and that to at a much cheaper rate, all thanks to the Internet. Major usage metrics of Internet comes from search engines and social networks as they open a whole new world of friends, family and client networks to everyone using them.

Meanwhile online shopping depends on search engines and social networks to get their products indexed and show up in search results apart from that social network helps in getting better product engagement as the products get recommended to fellow friends and families adding to potential customers besides that search engines depend on ratings in order to rank the similar products and show the once with highest and authentic ratings first. Basically Internet is going the social network way with major interaction and traffic bandwidth being utilized by social networks.

Internet Acquisition by Facebook and Google
Internet Acquisition by Facebook and Google

Internet Acquisition by Social Networks

Basically the major traffic and most used sites on the Internet are the social networking sites and almost everything depends on them, be it a publisher, advertiser, search engines, work, assignments and almost everything on the Internet has a social networking account in order to get connected with potential readers, customers, fans and so on. Now since the major data generating sites are the social networking sites, daily millions of data gets uploaded to these servers especially Facebook and you'll be surprised to know. that millions of dollars are spent behind hosting and bandwidth alone increasing the rate of maintenance for huge social networks. Now what these social networks have come up with is simply amazing which will reduce their data costs tremendously and the idea is nothing but owning the Internet. Sounds crazy right? Well you'll know it soon as to how these social networking giants are going to own the Internet with the help of technology and social data behavior collected over a period of time

Facebook and Google buying Internet
Facebook and Google buying Internet

Why Bother buying the Internet ?

Social Networks, telecom services, Gaming are all undoubtedly the major parts of our lives as most of our work is now done mostly online but do you know this only consists the 1/3 rd. of the world population and it’s all because Internet hasn't reached the remaining 2/3rd part of the remaining world population. And why is that? Well it’s all because of high priced Internet connections provided by various Internet service providers aka ISP or installing the Internet cables in various terrains is almost impossible without a huge sum of investment besides that you won’t deny the hatred pit against the ISPs as they limit the bandwidth for hefty prices as a result Internet hasn't reached its full potential, But since we are talking about Future of the Internet let’s check on the stats. In recent year’s social networking and technology companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon and Microsoft have been buying lots of internet cables in short its Internet acquisition as these social technology companies slowly are acquiring the parts of the Internet.

Let’s see how it affects the future of the Internet. Well the main reason behind Internet acquisition by these companies is the nothing but the fact that most of their money goes behind hosting bandwidths and by owning parts of Internet they can minimize the data cost and bandwidth without having to depend on the ISP’s who usually are hated by the people for costing to much and providing a worse Internet experience for people.

What is Internet

Before we start talking about Internet let's talk about what is internet so that the technological moves that Facebook and Google are taking in order to buy parts of internet becomes easier for you to understand. Internet is basically huge servers hosting data for various websites and you can connect to it using cable or modem provided by your ISP's who connect you to the Internet through their service.

So if you can eliminate ISP part and connect yourself directly that is becoming yourself an ISP then you won't have to pay to the ISP's instead you can avail the same services to other people. Since social networks most revenues are spent behind hosting data bandwidth owning the internet is in their favor of reducing data hosting prices.

Whom would you like to handle the Internet?

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How Social Networks are Buying the Internet

Let’s see how these giant social networking companies are slowly acquiring the Internet and what they hold in for the future of the Internet and for us.

Facebook has started to buy parts of  Internet
Facebook has started to buy parts of Internet

How Facebook Growth will Affect Internet

Let’s start off with Facebook which recently reached 200 billion users worldwide and has been frequently seen making headlines with their new technology acquisitions starting from Instagram to whatsapp. The Social Network is major contender in owning the major part of the Internet and might beat Cable companies in near future.

Facebook's Internet Acquisition Journey and it's Future

Facebook is always growing and investing in social technologies to live up to their mission of connecting and at the same time they are looking for ways to overcome high data hosting prices as that won't be economical for a growing social network. Let's see how Facebook's recent acquisitions are making them on of the major contenders who will own the most part of the Internet.

Instagram Acquisition by Facebook
Instagram Acquisition by Facebook

1.Facebook Buys Instagram

The Main idea behind buying Instagram, a popular photo and video sharing social network was just expanding the user base and reaching more people, in short mission of connecting to entire world through various social technologies and it was totally worth it as Instagram recently cracked 200 million user base,

2.Facebook Buys Whatsapp

Next was acquisition of whatsapp, a popular messaging service which clearly beat it’s real time counterparts Facebook, Skype, Gmail and twitter by a huge margin in terms of communication. What whatsapp taught Facebook was the fact that the messaging service user base consisted of users from the 2/3rd part of the world population from the developing countries and off course the mobile users which don't have any internet.

Facebook quickly understood the fact that if they want to pursue their mission of connecting people then they should target the people who don't have internet connection. The answer came in when Facebook saw Amazon testing drones for package deliveries and bit of technology innovation from their much ambitious project which plans on providing internet access to people all over the world.

Whatsapp beat it's telecom counterparts by millions margin.
Whatsapp beat it's telecom counterparts by millions margin.

"We want to think about new ways of connectivity that dramatically reduce the cost”

Currently Internet is only available to 1/3rd of the world population and the cost is quite high for most of them being hosted by cable companies, sort of monopolization but if Facebook wants to extend their reach then they have to target the remaining 2/3rd world population using technology and their amazing mobile partners like Qualcomm and Nokia and for which Facebook is investing in their Connectivity labs lead by director Yael Maguire.

3. Facebook and Titan Aerospace

Facebook’s very next move was so brilliant that it will change the future of the Internet.

Facebook to buy solar powered drone manufacturing company Titan Aerospace
Facebook to buy solar powered drone manufacturing company Titan Aerospace

Facebook’s next immediate acquisition was Titan Aerospace a company that builds solar powered drones with their recent record breaking feet with an unmanned solar-powered drone, the Zephyr, which flew for two weeks in July 2010 and broke a world record. These drones can now revolve around in the orbits 20 kms from the earth surface continuously for straight 5 years without having to land on Earth as the region they are flying in are completely free from any winds, commercial flights or any problems they might have faced in higher altitudes. This will give Facebook the ability to have their own internet without having to pay any longer for bandwidth usage and simultaneously reaching people who can't afford or don't have an internet connections.

Google already owns 40% of Internet
Google already owns 40% of Internet

Google's Internet Acquisition Journey and it's Future

Well if you thought Facebook is the only one who thought of Internet acquisition then you are mistaken as it’s silicon valley counterpart Google has been doing the same thing even before Facebook thought about it and already owns 40% part of the Internet but had a completely different approach.Unlike Facebook Google is a technology based company which kept investing in technology based projects and if you didn't knew about it's technology investments and ventures then what you are going to read now is completely going to blow you away.

Google fiber providing Free superfast Internet
Google fiber providing Free superfast Internet

1.Google Fiber

Google's idea of Internet acquisition started off by investing in lots of technology based projects and was finally put to effect 7 years back with the help of Google fiber which has already been providing free superfast internet to several American states like Kansas City, Austin and Provo with free Internet.

2.Balloon Internet

Google also had a similar project as of Facebook drones wherein Google planned on targeting the 2/3rd part of the world population with their high flying balloons and unmanned robotic vehicles on the ground providing free internet and advertising. Google apparently feared Facebook’s social networking engagement and launched their very own social network Google+ as they knew in order to push forward the engagement they needed a social medium and answer was Facebook itself so they launched Google+.

Google idea of reaching tough terrains with Internet via high flying balloons
Google idea of reaching tough terrains with Internet via high flying balloons
Google Glass vs Facebook's oculus
Google Glass vs Facebook's oculus

3.Wireless Internet

Currently Google is planning on launching their own wireless internet in fiber based areas while working under various technologies that will have a major breakthrough in acquiring the major parts of the Internet like their Google Glass project to which their rival Facebook has also started investing in tech based projects like investing in Oculus pitting against the Google Glass.

With Internet availability one can expect lifestyle changes
With Internet availability one can expect lifestyle changes

What Internet Acquisition by Social Networks holds in for us

  • Cheap Internet : With Facebook and google owning the major parts of the internet, major cable companies will have tough time apparently ISP plans would change providing cheaper data plans having a win win for the people of Internet generation.
  • Internet Availability in all parts of the World : With Facebook and Google investing in wireless based data transfer technology, Internet would be available to all parts of the world irrespective of terrains as now internet is now like a skynet that is Internet from the sky which is highly impossible with traditional cable internet which makes them so costly.

Social Networking will ultimately lead to Internet buzz
Social Networking will ultimately lead to Internet buzz
  • Cheaper Mobile Communication : With communication going technology way the traditional telecom sectors will have a hard time competing resulting in lower data plans.
  • Internet Expansion throughout the World : If you thought Internet is vast than think again because with Internet now available in all parts of the world just imagine the possibilities that would connect us to the rarest of information, expanding Internet beyond one's imagination.
  • Internet Monopolization: With Social Networks handling most of the data in the near future by owning Internet, Government might just interfere by pressing in huge taxes and data caps. Reminds me of NSA going through or spying on everyone's Internet activities. In short Social networks become our ISP's. In other words a way of forcing people to join social networks.
  • Greater Connectivity: With Internet now connected to all the parts of the world just imagine how fast information would travel especially helping relief and rescue operations having a much greater impact on saving lives, opening new job opportunities, wider markets and making world a better place.

Do you like Social Networks Taking Control of the Internet?

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Now whom would you rather give the control of the Internet? Social Networks or our much hated Internet Service Providers. Surely the cable companies too will come up with new innovations but ultimately Internet will become cheap and expand itself making it a win win for everyone. Now go ahead and make this go viral on the Internet to make Internet much more cheaper and more amazing amazing then it is already now.


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    • Geniusknight profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Netherlands

      hehe hmm kind of makes sense since some of them are only into this for money particularly Facebook while playing with people's illusionary vision of socializing on the web. :D

    • AudreyHowitt profile image

      Audrey Howitt 

      4 years ago from California

      Very interesting article! It does look like a win-win--but I always doubt whether the big dogs are out to protect the interests of the little dogs

    • Geniusknight profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Netherlands

      Yeah Elen you never know what will happen until these two giants rule the social media world. Kind of win win for us ! :D Happy Easter to you too! :)

    • Lady_E profile image


      4 years ago from London, UK

      Things are moving so fast. I hear Facebook are now launching a Money Transfer Service.

      Happy Easter.


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