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How To Disable The Syncing Of Picasa Web Albums To Gallery App On Android

Updated on February 20, 2015


The android platform has been known to integrate to all of the services provided by Google. But one thing sticks out like a sore thumb. Many android users will set about to configure their android devices without prior knowledge of what will happen. The point here is that android users who configure their devices for the first time will set up the Google account and auto-sync everything without an idea that it might bring about inconveniences at some point in the future.

The problems and perhaps not for all the android users begin with the fact that with auto-sync being enabled by default once a Google account has been configured on android. Once this has been done, the android operating system will integrate with Google services such as your Gmail account and contacts, Google drive and Picasa albums. All these services and data might not be the problem. In fact they make the user experience on your android phone or tablet against the Google products and services highly enhanced.

The one problem which has been identified across android users is that the Picasa albums are displayed in the gallery. It become as nuisance for many people who now have to know how to disable the syncing of Picasa web albums to gallery app on android. With this knowledge, an android user at the very beginning when configuring the Google account should configure the syncing options. On the other hand, if the Picasa albums had already been synched, then these steps on how to disable the syncing of Picasa web albums to gallery app on android have to be followed.

Stage 1

The steps on how to disable the syncing of Picasa web albums to gallery app on android are simple and straightforward;

  • Find Settings on the menu options of the android device.
  • Go to Accounts and select Google Account.
  • On Google Account option, select by tapping to change the Sync settings
  • Once here, scroll down to find Sync Picasa Web Albums options and uncheck this option.

Stage 2

Completing this first set of steps will change the configuration settings of the Google account. The second set of steps intends to remove the already synced albums on the Gallery app from Picasa web albums.

  • Again go to the Settings menu option.
  • Find Applications and tap on ‘All’ option.
  • Scroll to find the Gallery app and click on it.
  • Once you have gotten here, select the Clear Data option and the Clear Cache option.

Having selected these two options, all synced Picasa web albums will be cleared from the Gallery app. The cache is also cleared.

When you later go to the Gallery app, the photos and the videos will be deleted.

After this, restart the android phone and all the new settings will be applied. The problem with the Picasa web albums will be gone and the gallery will be cleared leaving local photos and videos only. You can now enjoy the custom functionality that you create through these steps on how to disable the syncing of Picasa web albums to Gallery app on android.


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