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how to remove page size of to save hard disk space

Updated on June 19, 2013


You may not be heard of pagefile before in windows 7. Before removing pagefile you need to be know what is a page file. Actually pagefile.sys is a system file that helps to store various computer processes.With this file many process can be done in simontanously in reduced number of DDR2 .But now for cheaper DDR3 ram you can done many processes at a time.So there is no use of page file in computer since it uses a lot of memmory.For my laptop this file took more thhan 3 GB.Why we have to waste a huge memmory for unwanted files??


follow this steps to remove pagefile

go to my computer and move to system file usually c drive

click on organise and select folder option

click on show hidden folders and uncheck the other 3 option given below

Now the hidden files are shown,among them you can see a pagefile.sys

check its file size

you can see how much memmory is wasted by this file

now right click on mycomputer

click on properties

a dilog box will come click on the advanced system setting as shown in below

click on the advanced tab

below the performance option click on settings

a dialog box of performance will come

click on the advanced tab

select the change settings below

uncheck the automatically pagesize option

now click on no pagefile option click on ok

now you can free a lot of space from memmory

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