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Smartphones are Not Just for Texting

Updated on February 2, 2013
I've seen this look.
I've seen this look.

They're More Than Just in a Pretty Case

I see you glaring at me while I’m on my phone. Nose curled up because you’ve had it with “texters”. Judging me as you see me smile at something I’m typing in. Already assuming that I’m sexting or up to no good. I'm standing to the side, out of your way, minding my own business. Why do you hate me so? You don’t even know me or my phone. Maybe it is you that needs to get with the program. For your information I can be doing a number of things. Things that you have to wait to do until you get home. And if you must know, I’m grocery shopping just like you. I just don’t have to fool with the unraveling of a list and annoying others with my crinkling paper. It’s all in the smartphone.

Some people hate it when they see someone coming towards them with phone in hand but what the older generation or non-techies don't realize is that so many things can be done on a smartphone. Here listed below are just a few things that smartphones can do to make your life easier:

Putting Down Your Thoughts

There are countless times in a day when ones memory has evaded them and they wished they had written things down. Or perhaps, they make an attempt to write things down but no pen or paper is available. Well now on a smartphone one can pop things right in and save it for later in a document such as Word just like on your home computer. Hmm….seems to come in handy too when a hubbing idea comes to mind.


Smartphones come with calendars. These calendars are not just for counting down the days of the year, it is also for setting reminders. Always forget Uncle Tony’s birthday? Plug it into your smartphone and you’ll never forget it again because it’ll remind you two days before, 5 minutes before midnight or however in advance you want it to. Or you can set reminders just so you won’t forget to do a chore or task that may go undone because of all the other tasks you need to remember to do. You might remember to get groceries, wash dishes, wash clothes and buy little Jasmina’s new tutu but with all the other things you have to do you might want to set a reminder to remind yourself to take the time to use bathroom.

Grocery Listing

How many times have you made the perfect grocery list only to get to the grocery store and can’t find it anywhere? I bet your kitchen counter knows where it is. Now list how many times you leave your cell phone behind? Not so much huh? Well worry no more because there are places for you to jot down quick notes such as these in your phone.


If only you could hear your favorite song that calms you down at a moment of high anxiety without having to go all the way to your car to do it. Wait, there is. On your phone. Or perhaps you go on a trip and want to take some tunes with you without lugging around your laptop. No problem your phone has got your back. Downloading your music can provide you with plenty of your favorite tunes.


Stuck at the auto dealership that only has magazines like Carburetors for Life or Greasy Bolts Made Easy? Well plenty of games, movies or videos can be played on a smartphone providing you with hours of entertainment. It could even put you in a good mood to prepare you for how much your car is going to cost you.


Nowadays Kindle can be downloaded for your reading pleasure. Tons of books can be found for a lot cheaper through Kindling rather than buying actual books. Fonts can also be adjusted to suit your visual limits. Carrying a small device with your books downloaded on it rather than lugging around several of them sure knocks down your nerd level a couple of notches.

Pictures and Photos

Want to show off those children or grandchildren? Got any pets that are just oh so cute? Well display them to your friends and loved ones easily. Or use the camera feature on your phone and take a picture of them right then and there to always carry around with you. You might even witness a bank robbery and capture the thief on camera putting them away for good. They'll make you citizen of the year!


This is a given. Emailing, texting, Facebooking, Twittering and verbally speaking with friends can all be achieved through a smartphone. And not to forget connecting on the internet as a whole can be achieved as well. Passing on the good news that someone's little sister has been accepted for college or letting everyone know someone's about to have a baby can be told quite easily and swiftly through the use of a smartphone.

So before you go judging and assuming that those that are on their smartphones are doing nothing but getting into trouble take the time to remember that they could be jotting down their next pullitzer prize winning notion. Plenty of things these days can be achieved through the use of a cell phone or smartphone. Hopefully the things listed above have changed your perspective about them. Who knows, you may be the one who gets snarled at next.

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    • NiaG profile image

      NiaG 6 years ago from Louisville, KY

      I know they're awesome! Especially as I get older it helps me remember things. Thanks for dropping in a comment. Have a great day!

    • jenn-zee profile image

      jenn-zee 6 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      Yes, yes, yes. Smartphones rock! I only got mine back in April, and I don't understand how I used to function without one.

    • NiaG profile image

      NiaG 6 years ago from Louisville, KY

      :o) I use mine for everything but to talk on. Ha! Thanks for dropping a comment! Have a great day!

    • profile image

      Penny splendid 6 years ago

      I use mine almost exclusively for the camera. My OH uses his for videoing his trip to work in case he has an accident and my son uses his for timing his breakfast eggs or the coffee maker.