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Huawei y300 review -smartphone test and opinie

Updated on March 15, 2015
Huawei Ascend Y300
Huawei Ascend Y300

Are you looking for an android that just fit you pocket both in terms of size and its cost then you my friend definitely need to consider this phone from huawei in your comparison list. We completely reviewed this phone. Just stick around this page while we unravel the complete phone with test on everything ranging from its display, camera, call quality, connectivity etc.

I have personally used huawei phones over many years. The one that I liked the most is


We sorted out for you the best price and place to buy the device which is provided at the end of the review and do participate in the poll or leave a comment if you like.

Call Quality

Starting with the most important and basic function that a mobile phone need to do is to make calls. The call quality is also crisp and fine. There are 2 microphones thus allowing Y300 for ambient noise cancellation while listening to calls. The earpiece speaker is just perfect and crisp thus allowing for a comfortable experience while attending calls.


Mostly Huawei’s phones are budget friendly and are not lustrous to gadget fans. The company offers a good Android experience and cracking specifications at affordable price thus we can ignore the bland looks in comparison to the price offered. It is essentially has a black plastic casing and is contrary to flashy looks of nokia’s lumia 620. It has a thickness of 11.2 mm, brick/block like frame. In short it is not a handset obsessed with design though we find some nice tweaks for example: rubberized and textured rear battery cover. This helps in better grip.

Huawei ascend y300 Design
Huawei ascend y300 Design


It has a good sized 4 inches display. It is becoming a standard size for budget phones. Its competitors are Sony xperia U and Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 but Huawei Y300 is cheaper than others. The display is a decent 800 x 480 pixel IPS. Though it is not the sharpest screen out there but it is crisp and bright enough. It has good viewing angles thanks to the IPS feature.

A few limitations that we discover were fair anti-reflective coating and display has a small recess at the top which causes the images not popping out.

Huawei ascend y300 Display
Huawei ascend y300 Display

Operating system and Interphase

Huawei Y300 runs on google’s android 4.1 version presently. Huawei has not yet declared when will they upgrade it to android 4.2 and 4.3.

Huawei has its own exotic feature called Emotion User Interface. Huawei Y300 bears a lower version of Huawei’s Emotion UI which is commonly seen in higher end phones of Huawei. It takes some time to get used to it. It is not that much awful though. It is unusual and odd interface as many apps on menu side of Android completely removed. There are 6 home screens containing all Huawei Y300’s apps, games and utilities(incl. Settings menu). The home screens can be increased up to nine if more room is required. It is for sure stock android is much better than Emotions User Interface. Stock Android is easier for operating, less buggy and easier to navigate. A plus point for Emotion UI is that it allows choosing between themes thus altering the Huawei Y300’s app icons, wallpaper and lock screen in just a tap. You can also alter system fonts. Huawei provides 5 themes pre-installed in Y300. You can also download some more themes from the Huawei Emotion UI site.

The home screen is tiled essentially with a very small possibility of customization as we could replace widgets with each other but we cannot remove any of these options. It feels more forced. But one feature that we liked a lot was the quick calling contact widget. Emotion UI on Y300 loaded slowly after we exited from apps. It often took many seconds for home interface to load which leaves you to stare at an empty page.

Huawei Y300 has 5 pre-installed themes that are good. The default theme is borderline appalling though we did not find it grown up in terms of design. Y300 is mostly aimed for young which becomes clear from the instant smiley faced messaging icons. New themes are easily available for downloading with just a quick search but it is important to note here that themes need to be downloaded to a pc and then transfer to the y300 phone before installing them.

Huawei Y300 has a few pre-installed apps from You tube and Google, including Gmail.

Access to notifications is very simple just by pulling down the status bar. You see familiar toggles for common notifications and settings of recent activities. The experience with Huawei Y300 is a bit slow but manageable.

Huawei ascend y300 Operating system and interphase
Huawei ascend y300 Operating system and interphase

Multimedia and Internal Speakers

You will need to get a memory card if you want to watch loads of movies and music as only 4 gigabytes of internal memory is available. Videos cannot be played properly without a third party application. Common file types viz. mkv, DivX and Xvid would not be played.
You need to install MX Player which is a free app. After these Y300 becomes a good movie watching device. It had a decent experience with HD videos but don’t expect the performance like the higher end phones like HTC one, Samsung galaxy S3 and S4 etc. But at the price you pay for it, then its pretty awesome.

There are no special features from Huawei for music listening rather like other androids it uses Google’s music player. You will not get any fancy DSP for making better headphones and speaker output but the sound quality from the headphones is good for listening music. The internal speaker is also good, loud and clear. The internal speaker output is placed next to the camera lens.

Huawei ascend y300 speakers
Huawei ascend y300 speakers

Battery life

The battery life is pretty good. The battery is a standard 1,750 mAh battery. It is good enough for a 4-inch display that has low resolution just like Y300. With facility of a battery-saving mode the user can boost the battery discharge time to many days. This mode switches off haptic feedback i.e. vibrating while pressing the keys and background data usage. Unlike the other androids that have to be charged every day, your Huawei y300 can last pretty long for days before dying out thus no worries of low battery.

Huawei ascend y300 Battery
Huawei ascend y300 Battery

Applications, Performance

Huawei Y300 does not have many pre-installed apps and we are glad that Y300 has only a few basic features and utilities, this helps easy to backup the phone.

There are no social networking apps like twitter, facebook thus you will have to download them from the app stores. The phone also has FM radio with earphones acting as its antenna. Once you start downloading the apps you will realise shortcomings. The device does not have much internal memory. Y300 comes with 4GB internal storage and only 800 megabytes space to install apps. The problem increases if you play heavy games requiring. As for example Real Racing 3 couldn’t be installed but some 3D games like Zombie blaster can be played decently.

The device’s performance is ok as there slight lags seen while shifting the home screens and also while exiting apps to go back to the home screen with UI. The performance has lags as it does not has enough speed to overcome stumbles. The processor in device is Qualcomm MSM8225 (Snapdragon S4 Play). It is a dual core 1.2 GHz processor with Adreno 203 GPU. The CPU makes use of Cortex A5 45 nm core. They are much slower thn the advanced cores of higher feature mobiles. It scores 6,000 in the AnTuTu benchmark which is equal to galaxy S2 and such a performance at that low a price is actually good.


It comes equipped with all the basic connectivity features like GPS, Wi-Fi and good 3G internet connectivity. Just like the standard androids it has a micro USB charging port for charging and PC connectivity.

There are no facilities for advanced things like 4G, LTE, NFC and also no compass. Without the compass you cannot know which direction you are looking in Google Maps. This can be overcomed by moving some distance and then judging your way.

Huawei ascend y300 micro usb
Huawei ascend y300 micro usb


Just like other androids Huawei Y300 comes with two cameras. The rear camera being a 5 MP and the front camera is just a basic VGA camera as we see in other normal phones. The rear camera with its 5 MP offers pretty good pics. The camera works pretty well in the broad daylight with the objects well lit. There were issues when it comes to take pics during dim lit conditions. The colors in the pics were crystal clear and bright. The digital zoom worked well but the optical zoom was not that great. When you zoom in too much then you seem to loose that sharpness and pics are just bland. Thus in short the camera is a decent one though not the breath taking one out there. There are a few shooting modes available. You get Panorama mode, basic filter modes like solarise and sepia but there is no HDR mode (it could have solved the exposure problems). There is also no burst mode that are found in higher end phones. The Video recording is decent though not the best. The front camera is a VGA and as we know the VGA cameras are just for the video chats or clicking personal photos. Being a VGA its just like the old poor camera found in androids. It is not used most of the time thus it works for it being just VGA.

Huawei ascend y300 Camera
Huawei ascend y300 Camera

Price and where to get it at best price?

You can get it from stores between 130$ to 160$ or simply order it online from amazon, here is the best price that we could find for a brand new phone

Huawei Ascend Y300 GSM Unlocked Google Android SmartphoneY300-0151- Black


The Huawei Y300 is a great budget mobile phone that has a good build quality, display and Android experience. It is value for money bet. It can never be a competition to the higher end mobile phones like HTC one, google nexus or S3 and S4. It is just the right phone to buy as a second mobile phone for yourself or as a cheaper alternative for getting phones for kids. It is best for those who are looking for something cheap but offering all the decent user experiences of an android.

4 stars for Huawei Ascend Y300

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    • markmorgangenius profile image

      Mark Morgan 3 years ago

      @fred Yeah this issue has been experienced by many Huawei Y300 users. You should try downloading apk file for older version of Viber . Hope that will solve your problem

    • profile image

      fred 3 years ago

      I can't call anyone on viber as the microphone switch off by its self. I have a Huawei Y 300 I am really fed up with it. Any suggestions?