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HubPages scam?

Updated on October 7, 2011
HubPages Logo
HubPages Logo

Many doubt Hubpages when they learn about it as they can’t believe that they can just write articles and earn money. They say it’s too good to be true but luckily writing on HubPages does pay but it’s not as easy as many think it is.

To answer the question HubPages scam? one must first define the word scam. Scam is the act of gaining money by means of deception such as non-existent addresses, fake photos, forged documents, fake businesses and much more.

As you may already know HubPages attracts writers towards it as it allows them to express themselves but at the same time shares with them the revenue they generate through their content. Personally speaking, I love HubPages for the simple fact that I can write about anything I feel like and earn money from it. As you may notice I haven’t written many hubs yet as I’ve only joined a few weeks ago but I’ve still started generating some revenue. Mind you, less than $10 but it’s already a start. The revenue I generated through Google ads is already in my Adsense account. Even the revenue generated through ebay and Amazon goes directly to your account. The only revenue that appears on HubPages is the revenue generated through the HubPages Earnings Program. Once you reach the minimum threshold you’ll be able to cash the earnings.

Many writers are earning good money through HubPages therefore it’s not a scam but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. If you do interact with some of the top earners on HubPages you will notice that they have all written a large quantity of hubs of good quality. Therefore it takes a lot of perseverance to make good money through HubPages but it’s definitely doable. That said, what are you waiting for? Create an account and start writing today!

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