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I Want My "Boo Thang" Back

Updated on December 20, 2018

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5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of I Want my "Boo Thang" back Printmaster!

This was one of the quick and easy templates from PrintMaster!

Thank you for taking the time to follow me on Pinterest, Thumb, Twitter, Google, HubPages, Vimeo, Squidoo, Weebly, AboutMe and Facebook.  #RitaAnn~ #business #templates #graphics #homeschool
Thank you for taking the time to follow me on Pinterest, Thumb, Twitter, Google, HubPages, Vimeo, Squidoo, Weebly, AboutMe and Facebook. #RitaAnn~ #business #templates #graphics #homeschool | Source

PrintMaster, where are you?

Printmaster Review:

Years ago I purchased a program so I could create art, posters, flyers, graphics, banners, general

business forms and advertising information on a shoe string budget. I needed to earn a little cash while my kids were growing up, I wanted to be a stay at home mom.

Printmaster was my choice. Once I learned to navigate myself around the system I was hooked! Then they came out with Print Master Gold....I was never the same! I became a Printmaster JUNKIE! needing my daily PM fix.

Over time, my priorities changed and being a mom and raising kids became my first priority so I put away my toys. (I secretly missed it though. Did I say that out loud?)

About a year ago I quit my job, took my grocery money and got a new computer. While at the store, I looked for my old friend.....Printmaster. There it was, on the shelf, waiting for me! (angelic music)

I grabbed my old friend, held it close and hurried home for the reunion.

I set up my new computer and didn't even stress over all the new things I had to learn, I quickly installed the Print-Master and BANG! It can't be used without internet.

Awww, Sad Face.

Then it hit me.


Now, I knew things had changed and more people were online, I was okay with that, but what I wasn't okay with was the fact that I just paid for a program I could NOT use.

Let me say that again.....

I paid more than $30 of grocery money, that had been set aside to put food in my belly for a product that was useless to someone who had no internet! I know I should have read the package carefully, I got too excited! I knew it was my fault. BUT I WAS IN LOVE! I shouted internally. Doesn't love count for something?

"What's love got to do with it" is now singing in my head (in case you didn't know; Tina Turner)

Through it all-

*The store would not refund my money because I'd already installed it on my computer.

*Printmaster was unreachable unless I was online.

My hard earned money was gone. I was crushed, broke, and unable to do anything about it.

Printmaster was my original plan for bringing in some money.

I quickly went into gear and found something free online but the learning curve was slow and I still don't use the product, though free, very much. It's just not the same as my "first love". Girls, you know how it is, nothing compares to your first love and your never quite the same after.

So, Printmaster people, if you're out there, please keep in mind that you've forgotten one simple thing:

The customer.

You've forgotten that NOT EVERYone can purchase a product they can be stuck with.

Not everyone has internet access all the time (many don't have it at all)

Money is too hard to come by-

Maybe you can come up with something on your next update so that we can use it offline and while we travel.

Now on the flip side, if you have need of a product that has easy to use templates that you scroll through and easily navigate step by step through to a beautiful project. If you need graphics, web designing tools, banners, flyers, buttons, newsletters, envelopes, stickers, cd/dvd covers, all kinds of announcements, templates for anything and an easy program. Whew! I said all that in one breath. I almost worked myself into a happy dance thinking about it.

If you need a product that you can open, throw a template up, add your thoughts, a photo or two and BAMB! It's ready to print, (..oh, don't forget about the internet access or traveling), and you've got a good product in Printmaster.

I almost got excited about it again. I need to calm down.

Anyway, if that's what you need in a product then go for Printmaster, it's everything I've mentioned and more. I'm not sure how it compares to other similar programs, I never strayed from my first love.

However, I have seen the company grow since the last time I used it on a regular basis. It appears the Printmaster family has grown and is doing well.....without me. I do use the program occasionally and it's wonderful. I still love it, but I don't get my daily 'fix', which is not only heartbreaking but you know how women get when they miss that 'boo thang' so yea, I'm a little phsyco at times....yelling at people but I can't help it, I'm in love!

Printmaster, hurry fix me! I need this to work without internet. (did I say that outloud?) Sorry, it wasn't lady like but I need my "boo" back. Every day, anytime, all over the house, outside, traveling.......

I need my fix!

See people, what Printmaster will make you do? Just wait till you start using it.

I'll be quiet now. I want my "boo thang" back.

This was a simple template and I turned it around into something easy to do.

AWWWWW.... I love my 'lil printmaster.


...holding her Printmaster box with a snuggle hug.

PrintMaster - Here's the version I have.

There are quite a few versions of the Print Master Program out there. I had the Gold version years ago and really preferred it over the version I have now. It felt like there was more I could do with it then, but the current version will do what I need to have done at this time in my life, so I can't complain. I have the PrintMaster Platnum.


....sitting silently pouting.

PrintMaster Platinum Desktop Publishing Software

Free downloads, beware

As with anything that sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Unless you're familiar with trojan horse, malicious, virus ridden software, downloading ANYTHING from the internet or your phone isn't something I recommend.

If finances are a concern, I completely understand that, but your computer and safety is much more important. The phone aps that appear to be all the rage are serious threats to our next generation. WHY? Because there are bad guys out there adding code to everything and if you're not sure who is making those aps or software freebies, DO NOT download anything.

There are scripts out there that used to be found mostly only on porn sites that could be added to your computer when you visited a site the bad guys made. Emails were being plagued by viruses and trojan horse software than could do anything from shut down your computer on a certain day, to recording everything and keystroke you made on your computer. Spying, hacking, adding viruses, stealing information, and who knows what else?

So, though there are many sites out there with lots of freebies, it's not something I personally would do. I've been off and online since '82 and I've seen the best and the worst of the online world. Just as there are bad guys in the physical world, there are bad guys on the online world.

Protect yourself and your kids by letting them know to check out those aps they keep downloading, find out who the software developers are getting their personal information, NOT TO MENTION their bank info., address, social security and daily routines. YES, it's THAT serious, yet nobody is talking about it.

You KEEP seeing companies being hacked? Sony, Target, and more....

Well, there's always someone out there with more information on how to make a bad, spying, hacking programs and if you don't know who they are or how to find out about them, DO NOT download anything from the internet.

Just my opinion.

Broderbund has been in the software making business for as long as I can remember and have a trustworthy name online also. You should be fine getting anything from their site that is free but don't stray from there. They do have a lot of templates and graphics you can download for little to no cost.

Printmaster or Other Graphic Software Debate is ON!

What Graphic Program do YOU prefer?

See results

How To: Use PrintMaster Desktop Publishing Software (note, turn your sound off)

Menu Graphic I made with Printmaster

This was a really easy template, I didn't do anything except add the Menu Items themselves. Printmaster has done a great job adding templates that are printfriendly, online friendly and oh so easy.
This was a really easy template, I didn't do anything except add the Menu Items themselves. Printmaster has done a great job adding templates that are printfriendly, online friendly and oh so easy. | Source

How to bookmark this page so you can come back to see me.

To come back to this page, go to the top of the page, on the right hand side you'll see a photo and the words "homeschoolkids", hold down the words and while still holding, slide the words up to the grey bar at the top of the page, just under where you type stuff in. That will put a little link on your computer right at the top so you can see it. Come back often and visit.

Advertising Page I made with Print-Master Graphics Software

Here's a quick easy 'ad' I put together. Printmaster hasn't got all the bells and whistles some expensive brand has, but they do have almost anything you want to download at your fingertips. Fast, Easy, and done!
Here's a quick easy 'ad' I put together. Printmaster hasn't got all the bells and whistles some expensive brand has, but they do have almost anything you want to download at your fingertips. Fast, Easy, and done! | Source

Finding Information about working with Printmaster

I've found it interesting that there's not a lot of information online about PrintMaster. I guess that's because it's such an EASY software program to use. I did some Google searches and there just wasn't anything I could find worth reading or watching. The information I found was mostly used for trying to sell the products by telling you where to go in a video, but there was no web address in order or help you use the product.

So, with that said, I've added as much on this page as I could find to help the user find the information and hopefully use the software.

All the great things you can do with PrintMaster


For some years I made Newsletters and sent them out. PrintMaster makes it so easy with templates, all you have to do is add your own photos and some information and you've got a quick and professional Newsletter.

Sign up for our newsletter here:

A Christian Connection on Yahoo! Groups.

Connecting Christians in Finance, Business, Homeschool and other areas of interest. (copy and paste into browser) (sign up via email)

A-Christian-Connection Newsletter on Yahoo groups

A Christian Connection Newsletter is a once a month newsletter designed to help you get the information, tools, and education you need in order to:

Be home with your family

Give your children the advantage in

business education and entrepreneurial skills.

Home educate Your children

Get out of debt or

Take control of your finances

Encouragement in all areas of life

Tools and education for business

Inform you of Christian businesses

Christian Conferences, Seminars, and Retreats

We'll keep you updated on some of the discounts, benefits, and FREEbies available only to you as a member of this newsletter.

The information you'll recieve will cover anything that will help you grow in your walk with Jesus, Family, Business, Finance, Homeschool, and all other areas we as christians should be successful in.

Come join us and learn to see yourself the way Jesus sees you!

....Successful in all areas of your life.

A Christian Connection on Yahoo! Groups (come join us!)

Connecting Christians to finance, business, homeschool and other areas of interest.


...who is looking forward to seeing you at the yahoo group site.

I took a simple photo and added text for effect

Printmaster makes every project simple. The process is so simple and if you make mistakes, they're easily removed or changed at the click of a button.
Printmaster makes every project simple. The process is so simple and if you make mistakes, they're easily removed or changed at the click of a button. | Source

Here's where you can get the download for Printmaster

PrintMaster 2012 Platinum PC [Download]
PrintMaster 2012 Platinum PC [Download]

If you want to save yourself some time, the download might be your best bet. Downloading saves time and money and you get to 'play' a little sooner.

Have fun! and don't forget to come back to this site and tell me what you think.


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    • homeschoolkids profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @Bobo54321: Well Hello Bobo 54321! What brought you to the site I want my Boo Thang? RitaAnn~...who's a bit curious.

    • Bobo54321 profile image


      5 years ago

      I would like too say hello You RitaAnn !

    • homeschoolkids profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @homeschoolkids: Looking back at it all now, I probably should have read the newsletters. . . . lolThey might have had updates that I missed to fix that problem. Oh my.

    • homeschoolkids profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @SusanDeppner: Hi Susan,Yes, I emailed them on several occasions. I still love my 'boo thang' lol but I'd love to be able to work offline. Do you use a graphics program?RitaAnn~...who is ready to find something as easy as Printmaster but haven't the time to figure out a new program. sigh...... Hey, I'm working on a site for anyone that would like to visit.It's an incredible journey through science. I've been learning incredible information as I've been working on this site. Universal DNA? You've got to check it out.It Makes Sense.NET

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 

      5 years ago from Arkansas USA

      I hope you did contact PrintMaster to let them know about your disappointment. Glad you have a program that you really love, though!


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